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Watch Out for This New Data Stealing Trick in Oklahoma

Regardless of how safe you or your Oklahoma business is when it comes to your electronic devices, there are always going to be risks.

The risks usually come down to simple human error that we’re all capable of committing but that can result in our devices being infected with malware. However, there are various tips that can help ensure you’re protected against this new data stealing trick.

The New Data Stealing Trick

If you weren’t already aware, there’s a new data stealing trick going around Oklahoma and several other areas when it comes to your apps and system updates for any of your electronic devices. 

The trick involves an app that’s pretending to be an Android update but in reality is full of malware that could do some serious damage to your technology.

The mobile security company Zimperium was the one to discover recently that malware was disguising itself as a system update application. When it’s downloaded to the phone, it acts as an Access Trojan, a malicious software that can easily steal and export the data from the one as well as even controlling it.

What Damage Can this Malware Cause?

By knowing exactly what this data stealing trick does, it will hopefully influence you to take a more watchful eye over what you download and access, or what your employees do. Here are some of the main damages it causes:

  • Steals your messages and texts
  • Steals your phone’s contacts whilst being able to see your search history
  • Records audio and phone calls 
  • Steals any images and videos on your phone
  • Takes its own images through your device
  • Monitors your GPS location 
  • Sends out any information it wants from your device

What makes it tricky to spot is it conceals itself from your phone’s traditional menu setting. This makes it harder to find and track because it only uploads the data in small amounts.

This is a particular data trick for Android but the iPhone isn’t exempt from this type of attack.

Tips for Avoiding the Access Trojan

It’s worth remembering that whenever you’re going onto official store apps like Google Play, not every app there is safe. Yes, there’s a little bit more security than downloading something from third-party app stores, but there are still fake apps on Google Play that could contain a multitude of viruses.

This particular app isn’t available through Google Play, so the best thing to do is not to download anything outside of your device’s official app store. Staying away from third-party app stores is going to be your best way of avoiding such a dangerous malware.

Another great way to ensure your employees don’t accidentally download the malware is by hiring a skilled IT provider in trusted areas of Oklahoma. This Chickasha IT company, for example, can help to protect your sensitive information in cases where you may be dealing with a company phone or other business devices. 

Protecting your Oklahoma business or your personal devices against this new data stealing trick is critical to ensuring your data remains safe. Make sure to follow these tips to secure your information.