How Should I Store Business Equipment When Moving to a New Office?

As a business owner, you no doubt understand that your inventory can grow quite large. There are few times where this is more evident than during a big move for an office relocation. Whether you are moving offices across town or across the entire state, you will have to approach the process with careful planning at the forefront of your mind.

In today’s discussion, we are going to delve deep into how you can use a storage unit to ease your transition from one office to the next. We’ll explore the different ways you can best store your goods and company property during this momentous time.

Transitioning To A New Office: Storage Solutions

We don’t realize how many things we accumulate until we are forced to package it all together for a big move. The average person will move homes 11 times in their life and the average employee will work at 12 different jobs during their working years. In other words, moving is a fact of life and we are better served learning how to do it the right way.

Let’s dig into our steps for a successful office move.

1) Rent a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

Whether you are moving to Dayton or Oklahoma City, you will want to make sure that you have access to a climate-controlled storage unit, such as one from A climate-controlled storage unit offers the features that you need to feel comfortable with your storage.

Climate-controlled units are ideal for businesses because they safely protect our digital and electronic devices. Protecting batteries and other electronic components from intense heat or cold weather can help to prolong the lifespan of the devices themselves. Climate-controlled units also allow you convenient and comfortable access to your possessions no matter the time of day or year.

2) Keep Detailed Records

The easiest way to lose something is to simply stop tracking it. When you are transitioning from one office to the next, it becomes incredibly easy to lose sight of the possessions that matter most to our business. Either tackle the job or assign someone else to track all business-related possessions loaded into your storage unit. A simple check-in and check-out system will make sure that you never lose sight of your possessions.

3) Keep All Original Packaging

If it is at all possible, make sure to use as much original packaging to store your property as possible. This is particularly important when discussing electronic devices and other pieces of advanced technology. Utilizing the original packaging will help to better protect your items from damage during transportation. Utilizing the original packaging will also help you to easily find what you are looking for when the time comes to unload.

Whether you are a new business or a legacy one, proper storage protocols are integral to protecting your property and your business. Consider these helpful moving tips when it comes time to store your business equipment during a new office transition. Don’t hesitate to adjust where necessary to get the most out of our advice.