Investing in mDesign is More Than Investing in a Basic Home Decor Business

Did you know that according to official Amazon Marketplace statistics, MetroDecor, the brand name that sells products created by the brilliant team at mDesign, currently ranks as the fourth top-selling brand in the US marketplace? 

mDesign home decor moved into the top five sellers list in August 2020, touting 4,745 customer reviews in only 30 days with 167,156-lifetime reviews on Amazon. That lifetime encompasses only five short years that the brand has been selling in the digital marketplace. So, why is it that mDesign home decor products are dropping into Amazon shopping carts and sailing into people’s homes all over the US at such an alarming rate? Simply put: mDesign is more than.

mDesign is More Than Organization

“An organized home clears your mind, and your clutter, giving you the time back in your day to enjoy the things that matter most to you–without the stress of worrying about a mess.”


If you take a peek at the top-selling or recommended products from mDesign and MetroDecor on Amazon, you might see a host of pieces for every room in the house designed specifically for organization. You will encounter the mDesign Farmhouse Decorative Metal Wire Storage Organizer Bin Basket Holder Tray perfect for your bathroom and in multiple colors to use in every season of the year or the mDesign 3 Tier Vertical Standing Kitchen Pantry Food Shelving Unit which is the perfect addition to the corner of your kitchen or the inside of your pantry closet to house anything from fruits to nightshades to the kid’s store-bought after-school snacks. mDesign storage is top-notch and at an exceptionally low price which adds all the more value, but in the five years that mDesign products have been sold on multiple digital retail marketplaces on the internet like Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond or Wal-Mart, mDesign has become a fully-loaded home decor one-stop shop for all your home furnishing needs, so much more than just organization. 

Now, you will find everything that you need for your home in one place with mDesign and without leaving the comfort of your home. This is a huge win in the world that we are living in today thanks to 2020 and the novel coronavirus pandemic that still seems to have a grip on the nation. mDesign provides you a full line of custom-made furniture for every room in the house, dining and entertainment ware for any occasion, plus a host of products specifically designed for your backyard and outdoor gardening areas. Did you need to go to the pet store? Well, now you just need more time with mDesign and you can have anything that man’s best friend desires in classy, but always affordable pet home decor stylings. 

The best part about mDesign’s all-encompassing list of products is that the team of product designers led by Bob Immerman, Chief Innovative Officer and Founder of mDesign, always keep organization at the forefront of their minds. ‘God is in the details’ and you don’t have to own too many products created by mDesign to realize that they strive successfully to conceive and invent with this thought in mind.  mDesign is so much more than organization, but they won’t let you go unorganized no matter the product for which you might be shopping. 

mDesign is More Than Functional

“Organization doesn’t have to be complicated. Our functional yet purposeful solutions save you time and space in your home.”


mDesign, from the beginning, has been a brand that simply seeks to uncomplicate lives. The company has done this for its customers in each and every product that they offer, but they also did this for themselves as a brand in the way they have set out to and managed to grow their business. 

Hyper-growth is a difficult thing for any business to accomplish, but it takes a certain amount of well-engineered planning, an incredibly solid product that the marketplace needs, and exceptional word-of-mouth from all of the customers that touch the brand. mDesign’s home decor product line has managed to accomplish all of this and, in turn, has achieved a consistent state of hyper-growth since the conception of the brand in 2015. 

The focused and progressive business acumen of the executive team at mDesign began with its founder, Bob Immerman. When originally designing the growth model for mDesign, Immerman was more aware of where the brand was not headed and less on its final destination. He had spent 40+ years designing home decor and home furnishing products for the retail world. The retail model allowed Immerman and his team at InterDesign, the brick-and-mortar companion company to mDesign, to offer a line of products every season. Of that line of products, a few were considered by every retail giant, and only one or two pieces would get selected and showcased in their stores. 

mDesign came into existence out of an experiment Immerman conducted to bypass retailers and sell his entire line of products directly to the consumer. 

Where did Immerman find his consumers? He found them in digital marketplaces like Amazon. Quickly, his experiment’s sales overtook that of the retail store sales and the rest is history. mDesign became Immerman’s digitally native platform by which he could sell his entire line of functional and stylish home decor offerings directly to the consumer. 

This was the functional and purposeful business solution that Immerman had wanted and with a focus completely on selling only in various digital marketplaces, the mDesign brand grew at warp speed. As the home decor brand quickly climbed the US Amazon marketplace top sellers list, mDesign leaders began the expansion process into Amazon’s international offerings including European marketplaces like the UK, Italy, France, Spain and Germany with several more scandenavian marketplaces soon to see the mDesign product line in 2021-22. Both the Canadian and Mexican marketplaces will see launches by the end of 2020, so North America is spoken for. 2021-22 will see even greater expansion across the world as mDesign is currently in negotiations with Amazon to enter marketplaces in most all of the 16 countries that Amazon currently has a footing including, but not limited to, United Arab Emirates and Australia. 

Amazon, however, is not mDesign’s only digital avenue to the consumer. Major retailers like Target and Wal-Mart have recently added digital to their repertoire and happily teamed with mDesign to allow their shoppers the ability to indulge in the stylish solutions the home furnishing brand offers.eBay’sInternational digitally-native marketplaces will get to taste mDesign’s functional home decor line in several European countries in the near future, while the US marketplace offerings for eBay have already seen the brand’s selling power for a while now. 

The list of digital marketplaces that have already contracted the mDesign home decor brand to launch on their platforms in the near future is too long to list, but the brand’s focus is apparent. Bob Immerman and the mDesign executive team chose to limit the brand to a completely digital scope and by sharpening that laser focus and staying the course, created a business model of consistent hyper growth they might not even have imagined at the outset. 

By making purposeful decisions that enhanced the brand’s positioning in digital marketplaces all over the world with the main goal of offering their stylish home decor product line directly to the consumer, mDesign has become much more than functional, but the burgeoning international powerhouse that it is today.

mDesign is More Than Basic 

“Designer styles with trendy appeal deliver essential value without the sticker shock.”


Bob Immerman has always been at the top of the home decor creation game. To generate true industry-leading staying power that spans more than four decades, the only thing certain about Immerman’s creation style and design offerings is that they are ever-changing. Immerman is the master of home decor trends. He studies the marketplace daily prior to working with his team on new offerings. Bob Immerman has studied and followed the home furnishings design trends for so many years that he now sets the pace. Beyond establishing himself as a trendsetter in the design world, Immerman and  the mDesign team have continually upgraded its members to make certain that the business continues to progress and stay on trend as well. 

Only recently, mDesign decided that in order to step up as an international leader in the home decor and furnishings industry and within digital marketplaces worldwide, they needed new leadership with a pedigree of digital success in their industry. In August 2020, Stacey Renfro was appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of mDesign home decor. Renfro is an established retail executive. Renfro comes to mDesign with 25+ years of expertise in E-commerce, marketing, planning, and merchandising. She has implemented game-changing procedures and managed complex initiatives for multiple fortune 500 companies. During Renfro’s time at Pier 1 Imports, she led the growth of from $30M to over $450M in five short years. Stacey has held other key leadership roles in omnichannel, eCommerce, and planning at JCPenney, HSN, OshKosh B’Gosh, Old Navy and Sears.

As CEO, Stacey Renfro plans to drive the mDesign brand into an international leadership position within the industry as they continue to develop stylish home storage and furnishings solutions to help organize your life.

Also, mDesign is affordable on any budget and you don’t have to wait for a sale to come along to indulge. Their prices are staggeringly economical, amazingly easy on the pocketbook, we are talking competitive pricing like you’ve never seen. And unlike most brands that offer this kind of ultra-reasonable pricing, mDesign’s product team finds a way to stretch that dollar to make uniquely solid, durable products that look and feel like they ought to cost more, but they don’t!  How do they do it? I guess that fact is still very much an mDesign secret for the ages.

With new leadership assembled, intact, and designed for growth, mDesign is on the precipice of even outpacing themselves when it comes to their hyper-growth rate. The company has already begun a Series B funding round to establish the capital needed for this type of growth. mDesign has established a firm root in digital marketplaces both nationally and now around the world. With digital roots firmly planted, an executive team with a history of solid product creation and trend-setting designs, new blood in their leadership position who only knows an ancestry of professional growth herself, mDesign home decor brand is much, much more than basic, but a model for modern-day businesses who wish to achieve international brand success in record time.

Check out mDesign on Amazon or check out mDesign Home decor, the business’ eCommerce website filled with everything from affiliate information to their home decor thought leadership space, mBlog.