The Diverse Beers of Louisville Breweries

One of the most common reasons to visit a brewery is to try out something new. Breweries will each offer something distinct, but it’s undeniable that some offer more unique options than others. Here are just a few places that offer particularly unique options within the city of Louisville.

First up is Monnik Beer Company. This beautiful and cozy brewery is known for its elegant venue and busy nature. Most importantly though, it’s known for its Belgian-style beer and food. Belgian beer is not by any means uncommon, but Monnik’s specialization means there will be some brand new options available. Saisons, sours, tripels, they’re all here and waiting to be tasted. 

Butchertown Brewing Company is another candidate for review due to their high gravity brewed beers. It’s a newer place which prides itself on unique options all around, from pulled pork pizza to stouts and sours. For a taste of what Butchertown has to offer, imagine drinking a gluten free mango-colada sour. 

Finally Gravely Brewing Company is known for its extremely wide range of beer. While classics like the La Bamba Mexican lager will always be around, the IPA selections are also amazing. Gravely offers a much more classic beer selection, but with an expanded sense of range and flavor.

And those are just three breweries which can sate anyones need for a unique and new beer. Local restaurants and breweries in Louisville are always fantastic, but these are three that try to offer something new. Or at the very least they expand on what people love to make the experience even better. After all, at the end of the day people go to a brewery to drink good beer. Here’s to your health!