How to Improve Your Personal Productivity to Leverage Promotions and New Job Opportunities

The world of business has changed dramatically with technology. Certain aspects have not changed like that of top performers being considered for positions opening up. Companies do not promote people doing an average job for the most part. A business needs to be confident that a person can handle the new responsibilities of a role. Promotions differ immensely as some promotions add large amounts of work while others have less work but you are held more accountable for what is done. Improving your productivity each month shows a company that you are willing to take it to the next level. The following are tips to improve your productivity so you will be in the conversation for promotions or leverage your performance into a role at another business. 

Organize Your Workspace 

You need to organize your workspace if you have quite a bit of paperwork. Organizing files on your computer is today’s version of having your paperwork in order. You should spend the time to create folders and shortcuts to frequently used items. Saving a few minutes a day to spend elsewhere will make a difference at the end of the year. Take the time to create a checklist of things you can do to make your daily job easier through organization. 

Utilize Technology to Automate Tasks

Technology that automates a certain step of a process can improve individual productivity. Looking for tools can show initiative when you present them to management. You can invest money in pieces of technology that make your job easier as the investment will pay off. Automation is the wave of the future that you should be taking advantage of today!

Track Progress to Show Potential New Employers

Tracking your progress in productivity might seem a bit overzealous but it will be worth it. The ability to show management or potential new employers that you consistently improve is important. An employee that develops into an even better employee over time is what companies are looking for. A digital marketing professional would most likely show traffic reports or increases in followers on social media accounts. A sales professional will show the number of sales closed along with close rates improving. 

Learn New Skills to Contribute to Different Departments 

A company is going to value a versatile employee that can seemingly be put in any department and thrive. Certain people have great work ethics and have a knack for figuring out business processes. A new skill like learning a new language can allow a salesperson to sell to international customers. A copywriter based in Brisbane that has developed web design skills can create new unique content alone without the help of others. Create a list of a few skills that will help you in your job performance and search then start learning them. Developing as a professional is something companies look for rather than those that rely on the work they have done in the past. Mastering something like how to complete a rapid COVID-1 testing kit will continue to stay relevant for years to come even if a vaccine is created. 

Improving your productivity will be a process so stay patient. Track progress and note the changes you have made to make this progress. Do not undervalue the importance of staying at the top of your department when it comes to individual productivity.