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Facial Recognition Is Getting Better and Faster

The use of facial recognition is becoming more prevalent in society. For example, facial recognition software is helpful to:

  • Identify criminals.
  • Unlock phones.
  • Predict the outcome of football games.

However, a recent study by MIT showed that a new algorithm could be up to four times faster than the current state-of-the-art system for facial verification. This fact means that you will soon have an even easier way to access your phone and other devices without having to remember passwords or pins.

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Facial recognition has helped cybersecurity by improving the accuracy of security cameras. Cameras that rely on facial recognition will identify people even in dark or dimly lit areas; this means that you can get better surveillance footage with lower energy costs.

Predicting Football Games

There are many different ways that facial recognition can predict football games. The first way is by using the line-up sheets of players on the team to predict the outcome of a match. 

When comparing each player’s face to last season’s faces, it is more than likely that you will find some similarities. Facial recognition will use this information to predict what will happen this season.

You can predict the second-way football games by looking at how happy or sad people’s cameras wear their teams’ jerseys. Cue emotional responses. If an individual seems happy, they are probably predicting a win and vice versa with unhappy people. The third way is by analyzing the expressions of the players before the game starts.

How Did Facial Recognition Start?

Facial recognition was first in use in the 1960s as a way to identify criminals. In the 1990s, London police used video cameras and facial recognition systems named “Operation Midas.” The system scanned people’s faces against criminal databases in hopes of catching known offenders.

Technology has continued to improve over time: today, there is Apple Face ID and Samsung Iris Scanner.

Where Is Facial Recognition Headed?

Fingerprint scanning has recently become more popular than facial recognition because fingerprints are easier to acquire and scan. Still, you cannot use them for other applications like phones or laptops.

The MIT study hopes to bring back interest in facial recognition by improving accuracy rates significantly; this means that you will soon have even greater access control measures at your disposal.

The Difference Between Finger Scanning and Facial Recognition?

Fingerprint scanners and facial recognition systems both serve as a way to identify individuals. Fingerprints are easier for security cameras to scan, but you can hardly use them on other devices like laptops.

You can use facial recognition systems to secure phones and laptops, but security cameras cannot scan them.

In conclusion, facial recognition technology is becoming more and better every year; it will be easier to get to your phone and keep it more private.