Cloud Infrastructure Market Reaches $42 Billion

With so many corporations transitioning to the cloud, it should come as no surprise that the cloud infrastructure market continues to grow. As the three main players – Amazon, Microsoft, and Google – report quarterly profit increases, the market is certainly not showing any signs of slowing down. 

So, why and how is the cloud infrastructure continuing to grow? Market leaders have made significant investments in order to fuel growth but the increasing demand for cloud services is a critical reason behind the boom. 

To learn more, take a look at why corporations and consumers are generating increased revenue for the cloud infrastructure market and why the cloud is more in demand than ever before:

Increase in Remote Working

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of billions embraced remote working. For those companies without established digital workspaces, there was a swift transition to the cloud. However, the rise of remote working isn’t over yet. 

Although restrictions have generally eased and workers can return to the office, many companies have announced permanent or hybrid working arrangements. These inevitably require dedicated cloud hosting and cloud services

To facilitate this, commercial organizations are relying on the cloud to host software, platforms, and data in order to develop digital workplaces.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Governments, companies, and individuals are under pressure to make more environmentally friendly choices. As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent, corporations must initiate changes that enable them to operate in a more sustainable way. 

For companies, transitioning to the cloud means that businesses aren’t required to create or maintain their own data centers. Instead, cloud hosting providers run data centers on behalf of their customers and, when this is done on a larger scale, the environmental impact can be reduced. 

With increased efficiency and renewable power, for example, companies can significantly reduce their carbon emissions and improve their green credentials simply by switching to the cloud. 

Global Uptake of Cloud Computing

While cloud computing might seem ubiquitous in the U.S., this isn’t the case worldwide. As other regions emulate the U.S. in terms of demand for cloud hosting and accessibility, the global market continues to grow. 

Although many people have wondered when and if the cloud infrastructure market bubble will burst, the increasing worldwide demand for cloud computing solutions indicates that the market has a long way to go before it reaches its ceiling. 

Demand for Cloud Hosting Set to Increase

The convenience, accessibility, and adaptability associated with the cloud make it an ideal solution for businesses that want to safeguard their future. With the potential to reduce operational costs and increase flexibility, companies can make substantial gains by transitioning to cloud solutions. 

Furthermore, the enhanced security and move towards distributed workforces make cloud computing an obvious choice for forward-thinking organizations. 

At a time when the demand for flexibility and adaptability will only increase, it’s easy to see why cloud solutions are highly coveted and, therefore, why the cloud infrastructure market can still continue to grow.