Email Security: Needed More Than Ever for Remote Work

The silver lining of the pandemic for many has been an unprecedented opportunity to work remotely. While this is likely to be a very good thing from a productivity perspective, it can lead to an array of issues from a cybersecurity perspective. Technology teams will need to be even more vigilant in support of an increasingly distributed workforce. And what is one of the most effective ways that cyberthreats have been getting their way into companies? Email phishing.

Just how big of an issue is phishing in today‚Äôs world? More than you might suspect.   Sure, we are all continuously bombarded with spam, but many hackers are getting much more sophisticated in their attempts in catching you off guard.  If you receive an email that has something to do with payments and invoices, you may be all too tempted to click – and then it is too late. 

The typical computer user cannot spot a phishing email out from a normal email.  Therefore, it is essential to protect your workforce using email security measures. Consider the troubling trends and stats: 3 billion phishing emails are sent every day. Nearly 20% of users will end up clicking on a phishing email.  

Learn how to keep your and your users emails safe through the visual deep dive below:

How Safe Are Your Emails? [infographic]
Courtesy of Avanan