Monitoring Your Cloud Storage: How to Protect Your Clients Classified Information

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your clients are delighted with the service and security of your company. One way to do this is by protecting their classified information in a secure cloud storage solution. This blog post will discuss how to monitor your cloud storage services for any potential problems so that you can take preemptive measures before anything terrible happens!

When addressing security for your cloud storage, you should remember to:

Train Your Staff Appropriately

If you’re new to the world of cloud storage, know that there are many different types and levels. When it comes to classified information for your clients, it’s imperative to ensure that you train all staff members on how important this data is. If they aren’t updated with best practices or don’t understand what they’re protecting, they could put your business at risk.

Embrace New NFC Methods

NFC is one of the newest technologies. The acronym stands for Near Field Communication, which is a method that allows two devices to talk to each other when they are within proximity to one another (less than 20 cm). NFC tags can contain embedded data like contact information or web address. You can write and save data onto an NFC tag from a smartphone or tablet.

Work With Payment Processors

You must work with a payment processor that can provide your customer the best protection. Most of them have encryption and other security features such as tokenization, which you should consider when looking for providers. As a company that provides managed security services for data breaches, it’s essential to know which providers to work with if they do occur.

Mistakes Companies Make When Securing Data

Monitoring your cloud storage is an essential part of any company’s data security strategy. But even if you have the latest and most excellent monitoring tools, it is still possible to miss some potentially damaging events that could lead to a breach or loss of information. 

Here are the common mistakes that companies make when securing data:

Underestimating the Necessity of Managing Their Software Vulnerabilities

The common mistake that people make is underestimating the necessity of managing their software vulnerabilities. The thing is that it’s not just about patching up old versions. Instead, make sure only to install approved security patches and updates on your network storage devices such as firewalls or routers to avoid any malicious malware from entering your system through a backdoor.

Trusting Their Technology

Most companies are quick to buy the latest and greatest technology for their business. They’re also trusting that they will keep all their data safe from prying eyes, but how do you know if your cloud storage provider is trustworthy?

How can you be sure that someone other than your company has access to data on the servers? How are your files encrypted, and what happens if the encryption key is lost? It’s essential to know the answers to these questions before you rely on your provider.

Failing To Protect Their Data From Internal Threats

Your company must take the necessary steps to keep its data safe.  Internal threats are now a top concern for companies, as hackers can get into an organization’s network and steal sensitive information from servers or computers inside a company. As a result, organizations need to be aware of possible vulnerabilities to better protect themselves and their client’s data.

It is imperative to monitor your cloud storage for any data breaches. Such breaches can lead to a slew of consequences, including lawsuits and fines from the federal government. Therefore, ensure you take the necessary steps to protect your client’s data.