Why Engineers & Managers Benefit from DO:178C Training Provided by AFuzion

AFuzion, a global leader in avionics, has extensive training available to engineers and managers who require expertise in not only DO-178C training, but also other relevant training in the aviation and avionics industries. Not only do they provide paid training courses, but also some free resources, including training videos, to get started. 

Their services on offer relate to safety-critical engineering; certification training; gap analysis; templates and checklists; certification, auditing and mentoring; and process improvement. 

What is DO-178C?

DO-178C is best understood as the framework for the expansion of airborne software, and it’s full name is Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification.  It’s utilized by certification authorities including EASA, Transport Canada, and the FAA in order to give credit to commercial software-based aerospace systems. 

Although when it was created in the 80’s, software in safety-critical systems didn’t really exist, DO-178C now serves as an embodiment of those systems. It is considered by many as the bible of avionics software development, and traces of it can be found in Military aviation, nuclear power, medical devices, automotive, and railroads. 

What training does AFuzion offer?

AFuzion has established itself as a global leader when it comes to development and certification training in the avionics industry. They provide private on-site training as well as public training which can be accessed all around the world and throughout the year. 

Public Training  

AFuzion stands out from other companies by being the only one to have permanent hosting at the biggest conferences worldwide, including:

  • Digital Avionics Systems Conference (IEEE DASC)
  • Aerospace Tech Week
  • Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE)
  • Electronics Valley

Throughout every year, AFuzion offers 50+ courses to the public, and they are recognized by over 20 government entities who work in relation to INTA, CAAC, TC, EASA, FAA, and Military agencies. 

Private Training

Other than DO-178C training, AFuzion also offers training in the following areas:

  • Transportation and Automotive
  • Avionics Software Development
  • Aviation CNS/ATM, and Data
  • Avionics Systems Development
  • Aviation and Avionics safety 
  • Avionics Hardware Development

With private training, AFuzion provides customization for the client’s special needs and no limit to the number of attendees. With access to technical whitepapers which are a part of the biggest collection in the world, attendees are offered a chance at gaining knowledge that is not available to everyone. 

Why is AFuzion’s training the best? 

AFuzion leads the pack in terms of training because of the collective experience of its leaders. The work of AFuzion has been incorporated into the dominant part of the world’s aircraft and system development. Their work includes the betterment of engineering, competence, safety, and certification. Their engineering competence in particular has been built into 90% of the world’s aviation development. 

Vance Hilderman, founder and CEO, is an embodiment of this excellence. He is the first to establish DO-178 training, and has trained in excess of 8,000 engineers in upwards of 45 countries all across the globe. He is also the main author of the first ever book on DO-178, and it remains the best.