COMBAR Pro rated among the top adventure toolkits for 2021

When gearing up for outdoor adventures, whether it’s camping, hunting, hiking, trekking or mountaineering, a good and reliable multi-adventure-toolkit is a must have. Adventure toolkits make great gifts for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Below we have compiled a top 5 list of the best adventure toolkits out there right now.

Top 5 Adventure Toolkits

It’s really important to choose a durable and functional toolkit that serves as an all in one solution. Adventure toolkits are for the serious outdoor lover, who will not be satisfied by a standard multi tool. An adventure toolkit has to be easy to use, safe and light to carry. So let’s get right into it.

5. Off Grid Tools OGT-SA100 Survival Axe and Multitool

This survival and adventure tool is made from carbon steel. The Off Grid Tool’s Survival Axe comes with a strong hatchet making it possible to chop through bushes or wood. It also comes with multiple other tools including a hammer, saw, bottle opener and spanner wrench. This toolkit is a great size, the only con is that it might be slightly unsafe if not carried correctly.

4. RAK Hammer Multi-Tool

The RAK Hammer Multi-Tool is another great buy.  This product is functional and has a safety lock that prevents accidents from happening. It is also a heavy-duty toolkit that includes a wire cutter, hammer and bottle opener. It is smaller than the RoverTac, fitting comfortably into one’s hands. Small saws and knives can also be found with this tool. The RAK Hammer Multi-Tool comes with a Nylon sheath which makes it easy to travel with.

3. RoverTac Multitool For Camping and Survival

The RoverTac Multitool is a great adventure toolkit that has an axe and hammer. Slightly less portable than its competitors toolkits, the RoverTac does however come with a Nylon pouch that enables easy carry. The RoverTac Multitool is made from stainless steel and finished off with a black oxidant to prevent rusting. Customers seem really satisfied with this great toolkit.

2. COTTEOX Folding Shovel and Multitool

A great innovation from COTTEOX is their Folding Shovel Multitool. This adventure toolkit is light and easily portable. This multitool includes a cutter, saw, wrench and bottle opener. The multitool is made of steel, making it quite durable and it is also water and weather resistant. 

It comes with a pouch so that you can carry this item easily. 


Our number one choice for best adventure toolkit is the ACLIM8 COMBAR Pro. This is a great toolkit made according to US military specifications, making it very durable and functional. It includes a shovel, hammer, axe, knife and saw. What makes it stand out is how light and compact it is making it super easy to carry and travel with. Different from its competitors, is that one can even hold a magazine within the COMBAR PRO. It is designed for  rapid activation and when in compact carry form, all sharp edges are tucked away, making it an extremely safe multi-tool. This safety focus is maintained when the individual tools are activated, through the use of a unique, patent pending locking and safety mechanism .