What are the Different Types of Residential Locks Available in the Market?

Are you planning to secure your homes and personal assets? 

Getting the best lock can add maximum protection to your residence. 

While the market is full of a variety of different locks, finding the right one has its own benefit. When it comes to locks, there are several options. Locks are of different types, there are mechanical locks & then there are battery-powered locks. There are locks which are specifically made for indoor application & then there are locks which are ideal for outdoor usage. To find the right one can be a daunting task especially when it concerns your home or personal security. Do you want to make the right decision? 

Here are the different types of residential locks which are available in the market. 

So without further ado, let’s get started. 


One of the most popular types of locks for residential use is none other but Padlocks. Padlocks come in three different categories namely; combination type, key-based and TSA approved. 

The combination type padlocks work on a combination where users have to input a code through a dial to unlatch the lock. These locks are more commonly used in schools & gym lockers. 

The key-based locks are the common type. These padlocks can easily be opened/locked using a key. 

The third type are the TSA approved locks. They are a hybrid padlock which is a combination of both, the key type as well as the combination type padlocks. In case, if you lose the key or forget the code, you can always use the alternative to enter into your premises. 

Padlocks create powerful resistance against brute force attacks. They cannot easily be picked by thieves. 


Deadbolt locks have a cylinder which has to be rotated in order to access it. User normally keeps a key on them which they use to rotate the internal cylinder and access the door so they can enter the premises. 

Deadbolts, like Padlocks, also have their variations.

There are single cylinder and double cylinder locks available in deadbolts. A single cylinder lock requires inserting the key only at one side of the lock in order to access it. The other side of a lock button. 

Whereas, double cylinder locks require a key to access either side of the door’s deadbolt.

While single cylinder deadbolts are more common for residential usage, the double cylinders are effective for businesses and similar commercial settings. 

Smart Lock Systems 

Smart locks do not require any key to open the lock. They more preferably work on the smart locking mechanism. You can access smart locks using WiFi, Bluetooth, or a biometric entry system. 

Such locks come with their own version of a smart app which you can install on your smartphone. If you don’t have an app, and your smart lock offers a biometric system, you can use your thumb or finger to unlock your home doors. 

Smart locks are the most modern lock systems which are more commonly used in smart homes. 

There are many other smart locks which are now available in the market. Some of their variants include, advanced features such as motion sensor, heat sensor, camera and other feature types. 

Smart locks vary in size and have multiple features. 

They are best for residential use as recommended by locksmith in Chicago and they work wonderfully on front doors, cabinets, travel bags, lockers, backdoors, etc. 

Lever Handle Locks 

Lever handle locks come with attached levers which are present on either side of the door. Such locks are accessible when a user unlocks & pulls a lever down which helps them to open the respective door. 

The key hole is present at the mortise plate below the lever. 

The simple and easy mechanism is what makes them quite a favorable option for indoor usage. While plain bar levers are used abundantly in many residential homes, if you want to add more style to your premises, then you can always opt-in for the ornamental designs with carvings, decoration & impressions. 

Listed above are some of the best door locks for residential usage. Are you planning to find the right one for your homes? Feel free to explore the market and come up with the best decision for your personal use.