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Ways a Firewall Would Protect Your Company

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us all in the past 18 months, it’s that we are very reliant on the digital world. Everything can be accessed and done online, from delivering food to working, learning at school to paying bills. 

Should there be a really big button to turn off our internet capabilities, much of the world would be, well – screwed. The past few years especially have seen a huge rush to create more of a digital world, from our finances to our jobs. The problem? USA crime and Cyberattacks have risen significantly.

With the rate of these cyberattacks hitting even the giant business leaders out there, we need to make sure that we are on top of our IT security. The right IT company can, of course, be a helping hand, but it’s firewalls and their management that are going to protect your company the most. 

Between 2019-2020 (in less than a year) ransomware attack numbers went up by over 60%. This is a staggering number and the statistics alone should tell you that a firewall is going to make some difference to your business. You small businesses out there can’t escape, either! Cybercriminals aren’t picky about who they choose and they will be coming for your business, too. Below, we’ve put together a list of five ways that a business firewall can protect your business.

A Barricade

You see it in wars throughout history: the enemy is coming – raise the barricade! A firewall is that barricade against hackers; a wall to deter them because it will be too tough to climb it. Your internal network is very vulnerable to hackers and those who attempt to access your private business data. Your IT company should be putting in firewalls that will protect your company data from malicious acts. It’s not the only cybersecurity net you need, but it’s your front line in defence.

A Protection Against Malice

One of the biggest ways that your run of the mill cyber attackers get to a company is through employees. Those who may install something that they think is safe, but opening a door to your network without even realizing it. Business firewalls work to figure this out and stop those malicious applications in their tracks.

Unwanted Traffic Defenders

From spam bots and viruses to internet worms and more, a firewall works to deter and stop those unwanted internet traffic breaches. They’ll block malevolent logins and they can see all of the patterns of unauthorised attempts to access and harm your network.

Controlling Access

A firewall helps you to control internet access in your business. Blocking unwanted websites being accessed in your business is important and you might decide to do this based on the surfing habits of your employees. Social media and recreational websites are often blocked in the workplace – it’s a place of work, after all.

Securing Remote Access

We’re working from home more and more these days. A firewall is going to serve as a way to secure the remote access that you give your employees to your business. Remote work has increased security risks, and you can protect your network with the right business firewall.