Looking at the Smartphone Repair Economy

I’m not sure about you, but I like to look at my smartphone as a workhorse for business and utility instead of being a fashion statement to always have the absolutely most recent model. And it looks like I’m not alone as over the last several years, the average American used to upgrade their smartphone every 23 months back in 2016. More recently in 2019, the same average American was replacing their smartphone every 33 months. 

Maybe technology has become so good that we can stay put with our current smartphone. Sure, but what if you break it? Every second, on average, 2 smartphone screens break in the United States. Welcome to the phone repair economy – an impressive $4 billion a year industry. And don’t worry – people are still buying new smartphones in droves – that’s a larger market at $59 billion.

Many of us would do well simply fixing our smartphones before they turn into larger issues that would need a brand new phone. I’m sure you’d have some small drop that leads to a crack – it may make sense to have the phone looked at before the crack spreads and becomes largely unusable. 

Learn more about the smartphone repair economy in the visual deep dive below:

A Look at the Phone Repair Economy