Water is Life and Filtration Keeps it Flowing

Water is obviously essential for all life on our planet, but right now we are facing a water crisis due to climate change and to the fact that we currently use 6x more water than we did 100 years ago, mainly due to new technologies. 

The use of water goes far beyond human consumption. In fact, every new product created requires millions of gallons of water to produce. For instance, it takes nearly 40 thousand gallons to produce a single car, nearly 2 thousand for a pair of jeans, and 1.5 thousand for a keg of beer. Water is possibly our most valuable resource as it gives us life and is required for virtually every human process in existence. 

Sadly, amid climate change, which has caused rising sea levels, and higher temperatures which breed more bacteria, among other things, we are facing an unprecedented water crisis. In less than 20 years from now, 1 out of every  4 children will live in water-stressed areas. 

Individual water conservation can certainly help to protect this precious resource, especially if society as a whole adheres to conservation guidelines, but purchasing water filtration systems for each household is also sure to soon become an absolute necessity.

Water is Life Infographic by