4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your IT in 2022

By 2022, not out-sourcing information technology (IT) will be as out of date as not having a website was in 2010. The world is quickly shifting to outsource some or all of their IT needs and here are 4 reasons why you should outsource your IT as well:

1. Save Money

Outsourcing may require an initial investment, but the long term savings can outweigh it within 2 years. It has been estimated that for every $10 spent on outsourcing, $200 is saved over ten years. A study by Forrester Research predicts 40% of enterprises will outsource 100% of their information technology by 2020. This means all internal information technology staff and infrastructure will be replaced by third-party service providers who specialize in specific tasks or all IT tasks.

2. Expertise

The outsource provider becomes an extension of your company. By taking the burden and risk off your internal team, they can focus on other areas and become experts in those fields. Your outsource provider won’t need to worry about training, internal promotions or any internal politics that you may face internally. This gives them time to focus exclusively on providing services at a consistent rate and high level of expertise. Similar to how you outsource accounting, legal and other professional services; you outsource IT for the same reasons – quality control and cost effectiveness – but with technology it is much more risky, complicated and requires constant expertise updates as technology changes every second.

3. Scalability

If your organization needs outsource IT support, it is simple to scale your outsource provider up when you outsource. If an outsource company has enough clients in your industry, they can hire more employees or outsource more work without large initial capital investments. It also allows the outsource company to hire only highly-skilled individuals who are capable of handling all tasks at a specific level without needing additional training or resources .

4. Security

Let’s face it – no matter what outsource provider you choose, they will be better at security than internal information technology managers. Your outsource providers are constantly under scrutiny from their own clients for every detail related to every task. They must maintain high levels of security and confidentiality with your data, or risk losing that client which would result in losing out on that money. Money is not an object to outsource providers, but you outsource for the reasons mentioned above – money and expertise, which are both related to saving time. Expertise saves time because they have mastered their services for your industry or task, which reduces risk of error and increases speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

By out-sourcing information technology in 2022, you will save money, increase expertise and scalability across your entire company by allowing your outsource providers to focus on providing professional services at a lower cost for a specific purpose. Lastly, security becomes a non-issue because outsource companies consistently specialize in tasks related to security without having access to internal client data which leads to confidentiality.