Using Brand Archetypes to Elevate Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a great way to build stronger connections with clients and customers. Many in the U.S. believe corporate gifts help improve relationships and can lead to meaningful connections. CEOs in particular believe gifting can provide positive and measurable return on investment. 

Gifting has shown to help businesses in several ways, including boosting brand opinion both on and offline as well as retaining loyal customers. But in order to create gifts that align with your brand, you need to understand your specific brand archetype. 

An archetype is the personality, tone, and voice of your brand. Developed by Carl Jung in the 1940s, there are 12 major kinds of personalities that brands can align with, including the Magician, Lover, and Explorer. Aligning your brand with an archetype can turn your brand into a relatable personality, and customers have shown to enjoy brands that are more personal and authentic. For companies, pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes can have significant benefits such as increased sales, new leads, and numerous brand ambassadors. 

It’s important to know what gift goes well with which brand archetype your business best aligns with. For example, companies with the Hero archetype would consider a pragmatic and practical gift, such as a modern black knife set. A brand that leans more towards the Innocent archetype would consider gifting natural products a gentle caregiver would like, such as an aromatherapy diffuser.  

Form better connections with clients and customers when you offer gifts that elevate your brand archetype.

Choosing the right gifts for your brand archetype