Beating Distraction With Focus Drinks

The modern world has countless distractions. It can be easy to forget exactly how many forces are gripping consumers’ attention every second. People today are sleeping less, distracted more, working with less efficiency, and generally are losing themselves. It can be a bit intimidating when all taken in at once.

For most, solutions are temporary and not necessarily healthy. 42% of millennials consume food or drink to focus. Sugar and caffeine have only grown in importance to the average citizen. The average caffeinated person drinks anywhere from 55-141 liters of caffeine a year. There are definite benefits to caffeine, but sure enough there are downsides as well.

So what can one realistically hope to do? Ads aren’t going anywhere, distractions are rampant, how can distractions be avoided? Well, the answer is they can’t. Instead small healthy steps are the way towards a less distracted life. Analyzing what habits one has, trying to be active, reducing blue light, eating better. 
There are even cognitive enhancers, foods that help to get around distractions that can help. The answer to the unhealthy rampant distractions is living a healthier life. Keeping one’s body and habits healthy will slowly improve brain health and attention span. The energy drink one should have isn’t based in caffeine, it’s based in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, as a whole new category: focus drinks. Taking care of oneself is the only way to beat the modern world.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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