Top 3 Reasons to use a G-Code Editor

The ability to create, edit, and run G-Code files is rapidly becoming a must-have skill among CNC machine operators. 

Although this article discusses why it is important for students (just beginning their careers in CNC machining) to learn how to use this software, practicing these skills will also benefit the most experienced machinists!

What is a G-Code Editor?

G-Code is the programming language that tells your CNC machine exactly what to do. It is different from other languages because it sends instructions in a continuous loop rather than one instruction at a time. G-Code Editors are special programs that allow you to use your computer instead of the control panel on your CNC machine to create, modify, and send G-Code programs to your CNC machine.

G-code for CNC machining is a revolutionary step in the machining industry. It allows machines to be programmed for different jobs and makes it easier to program complicated parts or pieces that require a lot of detail. G-code editors allow you to write and edit these programs, but they aren’t easy to use and require a lot of practice (just like CAD/CAM software).

Learning how to use this software will give you more control over your part designs as well as teach you coding skills that can help in other areas of the CNC machine job shop such as optimizing cycle times, increasing productivity, and maintaining your CNC machine tool.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use a G-Code Editor:

1. G-Code editors are a great way to save time

When developing a program, it is easy to forget a step or change something that could have drastic effects on the outcome. For example, if you are drilling 4 holes in 1/4″ material, but forget to change your cutting tool from a drill bit to an end mill, your program will crash partway through. Or maybe you accidentally misspend an M3 command so instead of cutting 0.2″ deep for each hole, you cut 0.02 inches deep (this also causes the program to crash).

Using a G-Code Editor allows you to save time by catching mistakes like these before they cause problems with your machine. You can make changes quickly without having to individually write out every line of code for each new project and read through each file before running it.

2. A G-Code Editor allows anyone to fix their own CNC projects.

Most people aren’t professional programmers; that’s why they use CAD software like Fusion 360! For those who don’t know how to write code or work on their own CNC machines (and yes, there are plenty of people like this), a G-code editor is very useful because it can be used by anyone who is willing to invest the time it takes to learn. 

If you make a mistake or need to change something about your project, you can do it within the G-code editor without needing any programming knowledge.

3. You can use a G-Code editor on any device, from your home laptop to the office desktop

Pure convenience has never been stated more! To use a G-Code editor, simply find the file on your device of choice and open it. No need to download or plugin any devices – just click an edit button!


With a G-Code editor, you can perform a variety of tasks that would otherwise be very difficult or time-consuming if done manually. This is one of those tools that looks incredibly complicated but truly isn’t! The only hard part about it is learning the software. Everything else comes easy after some practice.

If you need to use your computer for anything from making video games to 3D modeling and printing, a G-code editor is an essential tool in your trade as it will boost productivity and save you plenty of time.