The Future of Cannabis Regulations

When it comes to the future of cannabis laws, 2023 is a year to watch for upcoming legislation. Although 42% of the nation has already legalized recreational marijuana,  Americans increasingly favor legal cannabis use.  In fact, 59% of the population currently supports medical and recreational use and 44% live in states with access to legal recreational marijuana.

On a federal level, hemp-based CBD is legal, but in the states legislation is more complex.  CBD is fully legal in 17 states and conditionally legal in 33 states.  Yet, legislation is ever-changing, with more changes expected in the next few years.

Among those speaking out on the issue, President Biden has made it known that “sending people to prison for possessing marijuana has upended too many lives and incarcerated people for conduct that many states no longer prohibit.”
New legislation is ahead, and changes are already in the works.  In fact, research predicts that by 2030, 7 additional states will legalize recreational marijuana.  In light of the fact that 2022 saw more than 50 bills introduced regarding cannabis, indications point toward more freedom in cannabis policies.  As prohibitions diminish, it will be interesting to watch future cannabis regulations unfold.

Cannabis Legislation by State