The Business of Women’s Sports

Many of us have a love of the game of our favorite sports. Some of the appeal may be romantic of a simpler age ,reminiscent of when we were kids. Other emotions spark the joy of sharing the experiences with our children, or perhaps just a great time in the stadium, at the bar, or at home with friends. No matter how you enjoy professional sports, let’s also remember that major sports franchises are also very much a business. No doubt impacted by the pandemic, sports have been holding their own to entertain the people that very much need a distraction from the loneliness and myriad challenges of whatever new normal we are trying our best to plod our way through.

Unfortunately, there is a major discrepancy between male and female professional athletes. Exactly how big of a gap is there? Consider this: in the last year, women athletes made up 40% of sportspeople but received only 4% of sports media coverage. There is hope to improve this situation, and it starts with the fans. In a world of supply and demand, increasing the viewership and demand is sure to get the attention of the sports industry.

Learn more about the business of women’s sports in the following visual deep dive below:

The Business of Women