Protecting Your Data in a Data Collecting World

Many companies use different online tracking systems in order to market their products to you on your phone, laptop, or other devices. These trackers report what websites you visit, products you buy, and links that you click. Some data on your device can be sensitive, and not everyone wants companies knowing all of their information, so it’s important to understand the rights you have in protecting your data.

Privacy regulation is important in securing user’s rights regarding online tracking, personal profiling, unsolicited marketing tactics, and more. General data regulation ensures that users are informed about the collection of their data and gives them access to their personal data and supplementary information. Users can also choose what data is available to be tracked by websites, if there is any information they are uncomfortable sharing they can block the processing of that data. Users can also object to their data being used in direct marketing in certain circumstances. 

Businesses are losing money from violating people’s online privacy by using online tracking devices. It is important that they introduce solutions that will protect user privacy while also getting the data that they need to continue effectively marketing. Some solutions include anonymous data or cookieless measurement capabilities. These methods will still collect data, but won’t impede on users’ privacy

It is important to understand your rights regarding online privacy. Learn more about online data tracking and how to protect your information in the infographic below.

Data Collection in a Post-Cookie World
Source: InfoTrust