How To Know You’re Investing Enough in Cybersecurity

Do you know how much cybersecurity should cost? The cybersecurity market is worth $75 billion, and more than 90 percent of companies have been compromised in some way. With so many complex cybersecurity solutions on the market today it can be difficult for a company to determine what type of cybersecurity they need and if it’s working effectively. This has led to a problem that only about half of businesses think they’re spending enough on cybersecurity. If you want to protect your business from cyber attacks, here’s how to know if you’re investing enough in cybersecurity:

Check your security solution every month.

In general, managed security services are the most effective form of cybersecurity protection. A managed service vendor will monitor your network 24/7 and make sure everything is safe and working properly. They should be constantly installing patches and updates, monitoring for new threats and addressing cybersecurity problems the moment they become a threat.

Ask your vendors if they offer managed security services & MSP plans.

Since cybersecurity should be protecting your business it may not always be effective if you’re using an unsecured Internet connection or haven’t patched your software in months. Most vendors should offer cybersecurity plans that include managed cybersecurity services (MSP) and managed service provider plans that provide cybersecurity to multiple customers at once. A managed security solution can also help reduce insurance premiums by showing customers you care about cybersecurity and take preventative action against cyber attacks.

Hire a certified cybersecurity expert to audit your existing solution.

There are cybersecurity experts that can help businesses determine what cybersecurity solution would work best for their company. This way you can know with complete certainty that your cybersecurity technology is stopping cyber attacks. A cybersecurity expert will be able to provide a list of the cybersecurity measures your business needs most and explain why those measures are critical to your business’ success.

Ask your vendors how cybersecurity is different than antivirus protection.

Since there are many brands of antivirus software on the market most people think it’s enough protection against cybersecurity threats. The problem is, cybersecurity is far more complex than just installing an antivirus program and calling it a day. Cybersecurity solutions must be constantly monitored and updated to ensure they are effective against new threats that may arise. Antivirus software works best when it’s installed before any cybersecurity threats make their way on to your network.

Make sure your vendors are trusted cybersecurity experts.

Some cybersecurity vendors are only interested in selling you new cybersecurity technology regardless of how effective it is or if it’s right for your business. A reputable cybersecurity vendor will take the time to learn about your business, understand what makes it unique and recommend cybersecurity solutions that fit its needs perfectly. They should be able to show you real-world examples of how they’ve helped companies that are similar to yours protect their information from cybersecurity threats.

Find out if your vendor follows information security standards.

The most trusted names in cybersecurity all follow some sort of cybersecurity standard or best practice. These cybersecurity standards are developed by cybersecurity experts, for cybersecurity experts to ensure customers are receiving the highest quality cybersecurity solutions possible. It’s important to make sure you’re working with a cybersecurity vendor that follows cybersecurity standards because they should be holding themselves accountable for providing top-tier cybersecurity protection even if it’s not required. Cybersecurity standards also ensure all cybersecurity technology has been tested and proven to function as advertised.

Ask your vendors how effective their cybersecurity is against advanced threats.

Advanced persistent threats are one of the most dangerous cybersecurity threats on the market today because they constantly adapt their attack methods so traditional security measures cannot detect them or stop them from breaching your network. Whether it’s malware or ransomware an advanced cybersecurity solution should be able to block all cybersecurity threats from infecting your network.

Find out how your vendor scans your network for cybersecurity threats.

When it comes to cybersecurity, proper cybersecurity protection starts with knowing what cybersecurity threats are lurking on your network and how they’re trying to gain access. It’s important you work with a cybersecurity vendor that is constantly monitoring your network for cybersecurity threats and knows how to separate false positive alerts from real cybersecurity threats. They should also be able to show you proof of threat assessments so you know their technology successfully blocked cyber attacks.

Ask your vendors if they keep all security alerts secure and confidential.

A cybersecurity vendor that wants confidentiality in their working relationship is an indicator that the cybersecurity solutions they are offering are top-notch. It also means they are interested in keeping your cybersecurity alerts secure and confidential to prevent cybersecurity threats from targeting you through public forums or social media.

Overall, investing in cybersecurity isn’t a one-and-done affair that can be solved by purchasing cybersecurity software and moving on. Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving process in which cybersecurity experts must vigilantly monitor your cybersecurity, update it when necessary and ensure it is always performing at optimal levels. It takes a village in cybersecurity, so make sure you have the proper cybersecurity solution from trusted vendors with an eye for cybersecurity.