Must-Have Tools for a Law Office

Being a lawyer is a busy but rewarding job. You likely have a packed schedule most days and are always looking for ways to better manage your time and workload.

One idea is to look into must-have tools for a law office and tech tools every lawyer should be using. They’ll make your life easier and help improve your law practice over time. Technology continues to change and emerge and you must adopt it if you’re going to stay ahead of your competitors. Learn what tools you can use to help you manage your schedule and practice better and find research results quicker.


One must-have tech tool for a law office is Evernote. It allows you to keep track of your daily life and to-dos all in one place. You can use your phone, tablet, or laptop to take and keep notes as you go about your day. It doesn’t matter if you’re working remotely, are at a client meeting, or attending a CLE conference. You can take pictures and write notes so you don’t have to remember all the details in your head. The program also allows you to make reminders for yourself and keep track of random thoughts and to-do lists. You can also choose to view them in a list or visual format. Google Keep is another similar option if you want to check it out as well.

Practice Management Software

While you should have and hire IT services for law, you should also use tools that will help you get your job done right and efficiently. It doesn’t matter what type of law you practice, every lawyer needs to have and use a practice management system. Consider a cloud-based platform so you can keep all your cases, communications, and case files in one secure place. This way you can access what you need from anywhere too. It’ll not only be more secure but also more organized.

Google Voice

Another must-have tech tool for a law office and that every lawyer needs is Google Voice. You separate your business and personal finances, so why not your phone lines as well. Using Google Voice, you can separate your phone lines at no cost to you. Use it to set up a separate number for your firm and limit the hours clients can call or text you. If you’re sitting in court you can even use it to read transcribed voicemails and text messages so you’re not interrupting anyone but still getting your work done. Make sure you take proper precautions to ensure your privacy is protected best you can.

Casetext & Ravel Law

Get powerful results and make sure researching is fast and easy by using the Casetext and Ravel Law tools. You can find relevant case laws by uploading a document to the system or gain insights as to how judges have previously ruled on a case. These types of tools and predictions can save you hours of time.


You now have a better idea of which tech tools you must have as a practicing lawyer and at your office. You’ll soon be on your way to being more productive, working more effectively, and wasting less time.