How To Register A Trademark

The global marketplace is becoming more and more competitive. In a world of hyper-competition, standing out matters. In fact, you could argue that it is the only thing that matters. Your business and its products and services have to distinguish themselves from that of its rivals. That’s why you need a trademark. A trademark is an important tool for protecting your company’s brand name. When you register a trademark, no other person can use a specific word, symbol or signal, because they belong to you. Using them without your consent constitutes trademark infringement. You can trademark your company name, or the name of a particular product or service. Registering a trademark is vital for the protection of your brand name and with Patentoid, it’s so simple.

Every great business starts by recognizing a pain point and the founders of the business felt the pain of trying to register a trademark and failing, because of the length and complexity of the process. For some businesses in highly lucrative sectors, there may be a slew of reasons why you’d want to register a brand that is highly competitive and other entities may seek to register before you. Moissanite is an example of a precious jewel that has many variations of its name that can’t be protected, but some variations that can  So here are the steps to take if you want to get your trademark online:.

  1. Start off by clicking on “Get started”, on the top right of the page. This will take you to the easy to use trademark registration page.
  2. Now, select either the text or image button, depending on the nature of your trademark. Then, enter the trademark text. This must be the exact wording of your trademark text.
  3. Now, enter your contact information, or more precisely, the name of the owner of the trademark rights and billing info. Your registration files will be sent to the email address you provide. Your telephone number must be in an international format.
  4. Next, you need to indicate the territorial scope of your trademark rights. Trademark rights are defined for specific jurisdictions. If your trademark is registered in the United States, that does not protect your trademark in the European Union. You need to register your trademark in all the jurisdictions you operate in or in which you derive revenue. A trademark agent can secure trademark protection in the European Union, Great Britain, the United States and others. Each jurisdiction comes with its own cost.
  5. You then have to consent to the use of your private data in order to have your documents processed.
  6. Next, describe your trademark. You need to explain what your brand, or product or service does, who it targets, and where the trademark will be used. You also need to give your company or product website, as well as your pricing details. If you have any further details to add, do so.
  7. You will be presented with a summary of all the data you have shared. If it’s all correct, accept the Terms and Conditions and send the data.
  8. When your order has been confirmed, you can either pay online, or with PayPal. The next step is to wait for your trademark’s registration. You’re done!

Trademark registration is typically extremely complex, but some websites \simplify everything for you.