How to Manage Contractors Efficiently: Tips That Can Help

Managing contractors can be a full-time job in itself as some might need far more direction than others. Remote work is more common now than ever before on a permanent basis due to COVID-19. Managing remote workers is similar to managing contractors although you will likely not micromanage these professionals. Getting the most out of contractors or freelancers is important and finding these professionals should be done carefully. The last thing that anyone wants is a person with less than desirable intentions to ruin a client relationship or steal clients. The following are tips to manage contractors efficiently. 

Create a Guide For The Project They Are Taking On

Setting up a guide for a project can be important and can help avoid numerous questions by the contractors. This could include the template for how an article should be written or what type of contact information is needed. So many guides can easily be created simply by making a video of your screen and going through processes. The guides can also be reused for new contractors taking on similar projects. Be as thorough as possible as a few extra minutes spent on the guide can save you enormous amounts of time down the road. 

Stay Organized When It Comes To Payment 

Enlisting the help of a Raleigh CPA can be a huge help when it comes to organizing payments. There are a number of tax forms that need to be sent out to contractors if they made a certain amount of money. Take the time to consult with an accountant to see what information they need to get all of your finances organized. Failure to pay in a timely manner can lead to a number of contractors quitting and potentially filing lawsuits. 

Project Management Software is Essential 

Project management software could have made managing contractors far easier for past generations. This software is important as it helps consolidate all communication on a project in one location. When working with multiple contractors, finding conversations or emails that would have been months ago can be tough. Managing the project will be far easier as everyone involved with the project will be able to see the progress of others. 

Setting Realistic Goals For Daily/Weekly Work 

Realistic goals are going to be very important when managing contractors. Giving an impossible deadline might lead the contractor to do a substandard job in terms of quality due to rushing. Contractors that are paid on a per-project basis are far easier to deal with than those working on hourly contracts. Only give a contractor more work when they have completed their current projects by the deadline. Deadlines missed need to be taken seriously and a policy should be created to reduce this. For example, if a contractor misses 3 deadlines in a certain period of time then they will no longer be used. 

Managing contractors can be tough especially when there is a bit of a language barrier. Take the time to build a great team of contractors that will allow you to scale your business and grow it consistently.