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How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Communication Platform

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Communication Platform

The evolution of business communications has been tremendous. Rapidly, software virtualization, and Unified Communications (UC) have become the norm. In fact, this year has shown the world that remote work is possible because of advancements in technology. 

Is it time for your office and/or branches to level up and upgrade your communication platform? There are many factors to consider and managed services providers to choose from. If you are considering an upgrade for your business, read these important key issues about when to upgrade and how to go about it.

Your Systems Need to Improve Alongside Your Business

If your business has grown, but your systems haven’t grown alongside, it’s time for a change. Perhaps you hired more employees, expanded operations to other locations, and/or launched new products. Your business communications systems need to change with your business’ needs. 

Just like if your high school letter jacket doesn’t fit you anymore, the same goes for old systems; if your communications systems are archaic, you and your team are wasting too much time making a square peg fit into a round hole.

IT Skills Wasted on Old Equipment Maintenance

Your IT team are experts. Why waste their time with mundane maintenance of technology that is old and out of date? Utilize better communications systems and hire less experienced IT to manage them. Then, allow your senior IT professionals to handle larger, more complex projects to make your business more streamlined, productive, and profitable.

Too Much Time Spent on Fixing Old Technology

If your team is spending more time fixing your old technology than creating a new, enhanced way to run your business, it’s time for a shift in priorities. Think about owning old technology like owning a vintage car. You spend a lot of time and money keeping it running. However, you could buy a new, efficient car and not need anything but the annual maintenance and oil changes. Be smart. Invest in new technology to save time and money.

Too Many Vendors and How to Integrate Them

If you are like many business owners and managers, you have contracts with countless vendors to make your departments and business run. Having multiple vendors means they all need to work together. If you are using older technologies, they can be difficult to integrate. Today’s technology allows for simple APIs to make each vendor a part of your well-oiled machine.

Employee Training Takes Too Long

If you are spending a lot of time training new hires on old technology, it’s time to flip the switch on new tech. Newer technology is often far more intuitive than it used to be. This cuts the training time, allowing for you and new hires to get to the heart of what’s important to your business.

Just like you keep your physical health in check, you must check-in with your business’ health. One of the key factors to a business’ health is its technology. Is your technology up to date? Without good, up-to-date technology, your business will not function properly, or at a healthy pace. In order to make this easier for you and your IT team, enlist the expertise of managed service providers. 

Through implementing IT consulting services in your business, you can keep your business running smoothly, up to date, and utilize your IT team members’ talents for better purposes and performance.