How Drones Can Be Used To Improve Construction Safety

Drones have become more popular as the technology for unmanned aerial vehicles has become more widespread. Drones have been used in the military for quite some time but personal usage of drones has also increased. Drones are far lighter than they used to be as well as more agile in the ways that they can move. Drones are now being used to increase the safety of infrastructure as well as construction sites. Being able to reduce injuries and fatalities is extremely important on construction sites. 

How Drones Are Used on Construction Sites 

Drones have emerged as a lifesaver, literally, in the construction industry. Being able to check the safety of a roof or check for damage reduces the need for workers to climb dangerous heights. The mapping of areas can be done far more quickly than traditional mapping which relies on surveyors. Construction sites that are not able to be accessed due to natural disasters can be viewed. Being able to see the damage that has been done can allow for planning until the disaster has subsided. 

Inspections being done is a huge aspect that drones can handle with ease. Inspecting an area that is difficult to access to see the potential for a building is a perfect example. Existing structures being inspected is important as well. There is a danger when inspecting a building that could collapse at any minute that can be mitigated by a drone. Drones with LiDAR can be immensely helpful in a myriad of ways, while saving a construction company money in the process. 

Drones also play a number of other roles in construction projects. Monitoring the project’s progress is important while not having to disturb the workers on the site. This can lead to far better planning and estimated dates of completion. Communication can also be streamlined as a person on the other side of a job can see what is happening. Inspections can be done more frequently without putting any workers in danger. 

Construction on highways can be immensely dangerous for workers. One blown tire can lead to the injuries or deaths of multiple workers. People still speed through construction areas although signage forbids it and threatens a heightened speeding fine. A drone can inspect the entire road without risk to any workers which can put together a game plan for repairs and construction. 

Drones will continue to grow in usage on construction projects of all kinds. With the efficiency of tethered drones, it will only be a matter of time before all companies adopt this.