How Facial Recognition Makes Remote Work Possible

Love it or hate it, remote work is very likely here to stay. Whether you have adopted a fully remote work plan for your organization or have some kind of a hybrid model, there’s a good chance that the office environment will never be the same again.

There are good reasons as to why the remote work environment wasn’t fully embraced by company owners and management back in the days prior to the global pandemic. For one thing, a lot of technologies weren’t quite there yet. That said, part of the reason has simply been resistance by management in wanting their employees to be physically present in the office. Without eyes on employees understanding how their time is being spent, either effectively or with outside interruptions is almost impossible. This can also lead to decreased levels of accountability on when and how employees are working. New technologies are paving the way with tracking systems that help employees to be more productive while also creating better methods to track their progress and  time spent working. This also increases transparency and accountability between management and employees benefiting both parties. 

Learn more about how to make remote work easier through facial recognition software in the visual deep dive below, courtesy of Unrubble:

How Facial Recognition makes Remote Work More Seamless and Less Distributed -