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Genius Ways to Build Trust With Your Customers

No relationship exists without the critical foundation of trust. That goes for brands and their customers as well. However, there’s a difference between person-to-person relationships and person-to-business ones. 

So, how can you create that all important foundation with your consumers? There are countless methods and tactics shared online, but some are far better than others. Check out these genius ways you can build trust with your customers. 

Be Relatable

Making a business and its associated brand personable can seem like an impossible task, but that’s because most owners overthink the process. While slogans are memorable and pitches drive sales, they’re not something consumers can relate with. 

Stories and humor, on the other hand, are something that integrates into people’s daily lives. If you want your messages to connect with your audience, start by telling your brand’s story as if you were telling a friend a tale from your childhood. Throw in a little humor and you’ll find that your messaging has now become genuine and personable. 

How Can I Help?

This simple phrase is one that builds bonds. It places you on the consumer’s side, shows genuine interest in aiding them with a problem or need, and opens up communication so that your business has the chance to actively listen to the consumer. With four words, you just built ample trust. 

Emotional Connections Are Earned

Trust, when broken down, is an emotional aspect of the human psyche. The sales and marketing of yesteryear come across cold, as if they’re only meant to benefit you. Name any interpersonal relationship in your life, only approach them in a way that benefits yourself, and you can see how the emotional connections would begin to wither.

Instead, the goal should be managing customer value. You’ll still be selling and marketing to clients, but you’ll be doing it in a way that shows you genuinely want to help them resolve an issue or fill a need. When you build that kind of value into your business model, customers find a deeper emotional connection with your brand. 

Be Authentic

Authenticity and trust go hand in hand. You can’t build a long-lasting relationship on the pretense of trust with a core of disingenuity. When applying any of these methods, you have to come from a genuine place of care for the consumer. Being authentic also means being transparent, open, honest, and vulnerable. 

Deliver Consistency

All of these ways to build trust go nowhere if they’re simply good sentiments. At the end of the day, you need to take the trust you’ve built and deliver on your promises. When you’re consistent, the trust in your consumer relationships continues to grow.

That’s true for your products, services, and the buying experience you offer your customers. Delivering consistency shows that you can be trusted for exactly what it is your brand does, time and time again. Now you’ve added integrity into your relationship, which is also essential to trust.

Of course, there will be times when a customer’s experience isn’t consistent with the rest. Treat these times as an opportunity to build further trust through quality customer service and dispute resolution. If you incorporate the above methods into your CS, you’ll be one of the most trustworthy brands in your industry.