FBS Meaning Strand: What is It

FBS is an international Forex broker with a huge client base gathered from all over the world. You may have noticed its logo if you watch football, particularly EPL as FBS is Leicester’s official principal partner. Therefore many wonder what FBS meaning strand is. Read on to find everything out!

The secret behind FBS meaning strand

One of the FBS core goals is to make trading on Forex available to everyone. That’s why the broker offers a variety of trading accounts on its platform.

You see, not everyone can kick start trading using a standard account. This entails big financial losses, emotional disruption, and willingness to give up the new occupation.

FBS meaning strand is that every trader regardless of their deposit, experience and knowledge can dive into the world of foreign exchange.

Accounts available on FBS

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At the time of this writing FBS provides its users with the opportunity to create the next types of accounts:

  • Cent account;
  • Micro account;
  • Standard account;
  • Zero Spread account;
  • ECN account.

Get familiar with their basic features below!

Cent account

The balance on this account is displayed in cents, for example, $10 will be displayed as 1000 cents. Due to the significant leverage, you can trade and make profits on such accounts.

Micro account

As the name suggests, this one allows you to trade for much smaller amounts.

In other words, you no longer need a large amount of money to start trading in the foreign exchange market. In fact, traders can usually trade for as little as $50.

Forex micro accounts operate in small units of 1,000 units, so they are usually the easiest to start with – especially for beginner traders.

Standard account

The standard or classic one – as a rule, it is the first choice of new customers and in general the most common type of account. The minimum possible lot for this account is 0.01.

Zero Spread account

This is the best choice for those market players who prefer fast deals. Its core features of it are as follows:

  • initial deposit – $500;
  • fixed spread from 0 pip;
  • commission – $20+ per lot;
  • leverage – 1:3000;
  • market execution – 0,3+ second.

Don’t want to pay the spread? Choose this account!

ECN account

ECN account – an account created for short trades, with frequent opening/closing of positions. This is an account with accurate and fast order execution. Such an account is best suited for scalping, and intraday trading, on small time intervals up to the daily timeframe.

Over to you

As we see, the FBS meaning strand is quite straightforward. Regardless of whether you registered for the first time with a Standard account type or chose another account, broker clients always have the opportunity to open another account of the required type and continue trading on it. Some market players conduct simultaneous trading on different types of accounts. Hence, FBS really helps them succeed.

The difference in account conditions only complements the trading of a competent trader.