All Those Video Meetings are Wasting Valuable Time

Working from home was the dream of many American employees prior to the COVID pandemic of 2020. Although the trend was slowly growing, many businesses were reluctant to make the full plunge to remote as it did come with some complicated problems to solve. Many companies just didn’t want to invest the time nor money into solving a problem that would potentially interrupt the flow of their business. 

All of that changed overnight when the pandemic forced us to stay home unless we were considered “essential”, such as healthcare workers and others. Now that this new normal has fully been embraced, we also have a full view of the downsides to remote work. 

One of the biggest issues is surrounding all the time wasted and energy expended on video meetings. In fact, 83% of employees spend around a third of their week on video meetings. All of these meetings add up to one colossal waste of time for employees and the businesses they work for. 

Nearly half of employees say they generally don’t contribute anything to these meetings, and they spend up to 30 minutes per meeting looking for the link, as well as an average of 11 minutes just waiting for the meeting to start. 
It’s very clear that we need better options to make working from home work for us. Digital offices can be a happy medium between the virtual and physical and can help resolve the issues that come from too many video meetings.

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