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Civil Site Design 101

Civil engineers and surveyors need powerful software tools to create and design land development projects.

Civil Site Design is quickly becoming the go-to solution to this need because of its tight integration into CAD programs and powerful features for designing site layouts, generating site grading, and analyzing stormwater management, among other features.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of what Civil Site Design can do and how ZenTek Consultants can help your organization leverage the power of this software tool.

What Does Civil Site Design Do?

Civil Site Design has several core functions which are all tailored toward civil engineers, site developers and land planners. This software helps in creating accurate site designs.

Site Design and Layout

This feature enables professionals to design site layouts and produce grading designs quickly and efficiently.

Roadway Design

Civil Site Design allows users to design horizontal and vertical alignments for roads and highways, including complex intersections and roundabouts.

Stormwater Management

This feature allows users to analyze stormwater management solutions, such as detention ponds and bio-retention areas, to ensure compliance with local and federal regulations.

Earthworks and Volumes

This feature enables users to calculate earthwork volumes, including cut and fill quantities, to help optimize site grading and construction efficiency.

Construction Documentation

Civil Site Design 3D includes a suite of documentation tools that enable users to produce high-quality construction documents, such as plans, profiles, and cross-sections.

Benefits Of Civil Site Design

Increased efficiency

Streamlined workflows in Civil Site Design help engineers quickly create accurate plans and designs.


Enhanced 3D modeling allows for easier viewing of the site model as well as helps with presentations for stakeholders and others involved in the project.

Improved Accuracy

The software’s design tools are accurate and reliable, reducing errors and ensuring high-quality designs.

Construction Documentation

Civil Site Design includes a suite of documentation tools that enable users to produce high-quality construction documents, such as plans, profiles, and cross-sections. This allows for easier communication across the entire construction process.

Implementing Civil Site Design For Your Organization

A new software application can be very powerful, but implementing new workflows can sometimes be time-consuming and negate many of the benefits early on.

ZenTek offers a solution to this dilemma with our leasing terms for Civil Site design as well as all accompanying training and implementation support needed to get up and running fast.

By utilizing a lease, customers can reduce upfront costs and with our installation services can enjoy seamless integration with their existing CAD, BricsCAD, or Autocad Civil 3D.

Civil Site Design Plus is also available as a standalone software package with a subscription or permanent license.

If you’re not sure which version you need for your specific environment, our CAD experts can help you.

More Information About Civil Site Design

Civil Site Design can be an indispensable tool for organizations involved in civil projects or land development. 

ZenTek offers award-winning services and implementation that will increase your workflow efficiency and reduce project delays. Their expert engineers can help your organization learn about Civil Site Design.