Why You Should Purchase a Premium Domain Name

It’s time to consider Investing in your business with a premium domain name.  If digital is the new real estate, it is like buying yourself a skyscraper instead of trying to build one from scratch. Always try to purchase and secure yourself dot com domain suffixes as they are still the most powerful and recognizable. 

Keywords within a domain allow you both brandability and increased positioning in Google search results  The age of your domain name also matters in this regard.  All of this is important to try to reach the first page of Google search results on the terms that you are trying to rank for, as studies show that 75% of searchers do not bother to scroll past the first page of search results.

Speaking of recognizable, try to get vanity phone numbers to match your business name and great new domain name.  Yes, words in phone numbers matter as they are easy for your customers to remember, and staying front of mind is the key.  

Learn more about the power and advantages of buying a premium domain name along with the benefits of having a vanity phone number to match your business name in the visual deep dive below:

The Power of a Premium Domain Name