Managed IT Company

Why Hiring a Managed IT Company Will Save You Money

A business that prioritizes tradition over growth is a business that can’t succeed long-term. 

That may sound harsh, but it’s true. We’re in 2021 now, and technology is at the forefront of every industry. If you hold on to your tech habits from 10 years ago, you’ll only fall further and further behind as technology progresses.

The same is true for IT. An in-house IT department isn’t necessarily ineffective yet, but its certainly more traditional and less forward-thinking than its more affordable replacement: a managed IT company.

Not sure why a managed IT company is so superior? Here are five ways it can save your company’s wallet.

Software And Hardware Costs Will Be Lowered

Let’s face it: software and hardware are major pain points in most IT budgets. As a business owner, you’re likely comfortable with purchasing what’s necessary but none of the fancy bells and whistles.

That’s a fine way to work, but it’s not the best way to work. As your company grows, so will your IT infrastructure costs. Your employees will need more complicated software to stay ahead of your competition, and you’ll have to upgrade your entire system to handle it.

A managed IT company will help you sidestep this technology nightmare. They take care of the software packages—including the purchasing, maintenance, and upgrades. You’ll only need to pay one monthly fee for their services, and that fee is often a small percentage of your total IT budget.

A Managed IT Company Will Protect You From Cyberattacks 

Cyberattacks are serious problems. As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do hackers’ approaches to dismantling it.

Cybercrime, unfortunately, is more than just a small annoyance. One data breach is often enough to cause irreparable damage to your business’s reputation and finances.

After an attack, you’ll have to install entirely new systems, repair the damage that has been caused, and pay for the downtime your company went through when it was dealing with the aftermath. If the cyberattack is public knowledge, people will think twice before working with/ buying from you again. 

A managed IT company will prevent cyberattacks from happening – they’ll detect issues before they really begin to cause problems. They’ll install the right software and watch over you like a guardian angel. 

Though you may not see the savings right away, a managed IT company will save you the financial pain of a cyberattack in the long run.

Remote Work Will Be More Feasible

If COVID-19 thrust you into an era of remote work, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent Gartner survey found that 80 percent of companies plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part-time even after the pandemic ends.

Remote work requires a completely different set of management tools, though, and many companies found themselves unprepared when the WFH movement first hit.

Don’t be one of them. If you’re working remotely during this time and plan to continue doing so after the pandemic, then a service provider will help you to mitigate the costs of this transformation.

Though we recommend choosing an IT provider that’s nearby your company’s headquarters. You can choose a managed IT company anywhere in the country. If you wanted, you could choose reputable California IT services over your own state’s, or vice versa.

They’ll help with setting up a secure cloud, connection, and VoIP. Usually, you’d have to get these services from separate vendors at a higher cost, but a managed IT service will act as a one-stop-shop. This will save time and money along the way.

Hiring Costs And Employee Expenses

Most business owners view the hiring process as a necessary evil. You know you have to do it, but you’ll never be 100 percent prepared for the headaches and time it’ll require.

Imagine hiring an entire team of IT professionals. Think about how long it will take you to find a group of people who can work well together, meet their deadlines, and do a high-quality job. Now think about the costs of hiring even just one person. Don’t forget to factor in the benefits, too.

Starting to sweat a little? Don’t. A managed IT company can save you all the time and money you’d stand to lose by creating your own in-house IT department.

They already have a team of professionals and established workflows. They’re experts in their field, and they often offer commitment-free contracts, too.

A Managed IT Company Will Provide Advice And Nuggets Of Information

Managed IT companies are experts. They’ve worked with several different businesses in several different industries, and they’ve seen every IT problem you can imagine.

When you hire an IT provider, you can trust them to understand your company’s big-picture goals. They’ll take a look at your current IT infrastructure and advise you on how to improve. That means that even after your partnership with them ends, your systems will run smoother and continue to contribute to your uptime.