What are the Top 5 Hardest Car Doors to Replace?

The functionality of a car door leaves nothing to the imagination; it opens and closes and allows the driver and passenger to get in and out with ease. Cars with aesthetically pleasing doors are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst the high-end cars on the market. Although these doors look pretty remarkable and sophisticated to onlookers, they aren’t the most practical car parts to repair or replace.

Repairing a Car Door

If your car doors become damaged on the road, it is important to get it repaired or replaced by an experienced auto body shop that offers state-of-the-art body, frame and paint facilities. There aren’t many shops out there that you can trust to handle the tricky jobs, especially the following five cars. Here you will discover the top five hardest car doors to replace.

5 Cars With Complex Doors

  1. Lamborghini Countach

The special scissor door designed by Italian Marcello Gandini came about when the Lamborghini Countach was first produced. The car had almost no rear view visibility, so requires the doors to be lifted up so the driver could see outside. The latest hybrid release of the Countach also features the very same scissor doors, which many consider to be the rebirth of an icon.

  1. Mercedes 300 SL

Designed in the 1950s, this car was designed by Mercedes to be a road racer, which was intended to be lightweight and streamlined. Due to the specialist chassis regular car doors simply wouldn’t be an option, as they would be far too narrow and nonfunctional for the driver and passenger. Instead of classic car doors, the designers installed doors that hinged on top, which is where this car coined its nickname “The Gullwing.”

In an auction a few years ago, a Mercedes 300 SL, also known as “The Gullwing” sold for over $1 million. This goes to show that this car is certainly desired by vehicle fanatics all over the world. The doors on this car were a turning point for Mercedes as they realised their cars were not only sports-focused, but also no-nonsense and iconic.

  1. The Koenigsegg Regera 

Swedish brand, Koenigsegg designed the Regera to be a luxury megacar alternative to its other traditional road racer cars. This extremely lightweight vehicle not only removes the traditional gearbox, but it also comes with doors that open in a novel way. The doors actually come away from the car without hinging, and proceed to pivot ahead so they end up at a ninety degree angle to the ground.

Watching these car doors open is seamless, elegant and remarkable, much like a theatrical performance. They aren’t the easiest to open up when you’re parked close to another vehicle, a curb or a small driveway though.

  1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

There are decades of history behind the design of the Rolls-Royce Phantom car, dating back to when horse drawn carriages were on the roads. The Phantom car doors hinge at the rear and can actually be pretty dangerous when getting in an out, hence being nicknamed “The Suicide.” The Phantom essentially has car doors that can be blown open by the wind or be fallen out of unintentionally. 

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is said to have skyrocketed in popularity amongst American gangs and mobs in the 1930’s, as the doors made it easier to shove victims out of the vehicle! Nowadays, the Phantom is built with extensive safety features so it would be nearly impossible to have an accident.

Repairing a car door on a Phantom may seem like an impossible task, but when you enlist the help of experienced specialists in this field, the process will be smooth with a high-quality finished product.

  1. McLaren 650S

Aptly named “The Butterfly” due to it’s rising winged doors, the McLaren 650S, is a super speedy and dramatic-looking car. The real uniqueness behind these doors is that the butterfly doors swing outwards as well as rising upwards, making it a real head-turner of a vehicle. 

The McLaren 650S is considered a longer distanced racing car, because the doors are easier to access compared to many similar models. The butterfly style car doors remain a prominent feature of McClaren’s array of supercars.