What Are the Advantages of Using a Managed Services Provider?

A managed services provider is a company that provides managed services to its customers.

This means that they are responsible for the deployment, integration and support of all necessary hardware and software technology components needed to keep an enterprise running smoothly. The managed service provider will ensure security, resolution to technical issues, updates, storage management, data backup, training, business continuity plans/disaster recovery plans are in place. Managed services providers also usually offer other services related to infrastructure, email, telecom, etc.

There are several advantages of using managed services providers over undertaking your own managed services or outsourcing them independently. These include:

1) Predictable costs

One main advantage of using managed service providers for your managed services is that you can be assured of stable costs. This means that your MSP will agree with you on the prices before work starts and there are no hidden charges or extra fees after the work is completed. You can then set up a budget for managed services expenditures to ensure that it won’t put too much burden on your expenditure at the end of each year.


Another main advantage of using managed service providers over undertaking services independently by yourself is the time savings involved. As MSPs specialize in providing services, they have taken years to perfect their skills for this field. They understand all the intricacies required to provide services and normally have dedicated teams working towards resolving issues as quickly as possible.

3) Well-defined processes

Managed service providers usually have well-defined processes for providing managed services. This means that you can be assured that their services will adhere to industry standards and best practices, thereby increasing productivity levels as well as ensuring security of your network.

4) Access to new technologies

MSPs are normally always at the forefront of knowledge regarding new technologies available in the market or upcoming ones. They would provide you with information on how these new technologies can benefit your business. You may not have this option if you decide to undertake managed services independently by yourself since here you would need to first implement the technology before learning about it.

5) Expertise

Managed service providers also have the expertise to undertake managed services for you. They normally undergo rigorous orientation and training programs before starting work to ensure that they are well versed with their services. This ensures that your managed service will be provided in an efficient manner, thereby increasing productivity levels .

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