Unleashing Tomorrow:  The Transformative Power of Mobile DevOps Engineering

Mobile DevOps Engineering was the coveted job title in 2021, symbolizing the sector’s explosive evolution.  With the Mobile DevOps market valued at $7 billion in 2021 and expected to reach a stunning $51 billion by 2030, it is evident that the demand for skilled engineers is escalating in line with this 24.7% CAGR.

Today, mobile platforms serve as primary revenue sources, with an impressive 33% of American retailers, 42% of small businesses, and 55% of millennial-owned businesses owning apps.  As smartphone users flip between 9-10 apps daily, more builds and tests are required.  Competition in the mobile arena is stiff, with 5.7 million apps on Google Play and the App Store.  Amidst this, there is an urgent need for Mobile DevOps engineers who can quicken deployment, exceed customer expectations, and respond to the cybersecurity threats faced by 81% of mobile apps.

DevOps tools, particularly CI/CD, enhance efficiency, trim time-to-market (49%), and improve deliverable quality (61%).  Bitrise, a favored tool among over half of all mobile unicorn startups, facilitates these improvements by decreasing build times, enhancing deployment frequency, and improving app stability.

Undeniably, the future of Mobile DevOps Engineering, empowered by such tools, holds an exciting prospect of job expansion, heightened demand, and elevated deliverable quality.  The words of Barnabas Birmacher, Bitrise CEO, summarize this progression aptly:  “Being mobile-first means companies are constantly optimizing their mobile offerings…”  This sentiment encapsulates the perpetual refinement inherent in the transformative journey of Mobile DevOps Engineering.

The Future of Mobile DevOps Engineering
Source: bitrise