Trust is the Key Ingredient of the WFH Recipe

Now that the pandemic has reached yet another height of a variant questioning the wisdom of having everyone in person in the office once again, much of the workforce is settling in for the long haul to work from home. There are a multitude of complex dynamics that are happening in the modern workplace. One particular area is the realm of trust. Trust is hardly a new issue when it comes to the manager / worker dynamic, but remote work puts a new level of complexity to the situation at hand. 

Can managers be expected to trust workers if they aren’t in the same location? Of course! Why would a hiring manager bring on a worker in the first place if they were not to be able to trust that employee. Let’s let micromanagement be a thing of the past.  Micromanagement isn’t necessary – ultimately, it ends up leading to the burnout of their employees, making dissatisfied workers want to leave their jobs in search of greener pastures.
It’s necessary to trust WFH workers to make a distributed environment thrive for all involved – learn more about this dynamic in the visual deep dive below:

Now That Everyone is Working From Home, Who Can We Trust? -