Timeless Paint Colors You Should Be Using in Your Remodel

Whether you’re building a new home, or remodeling an existing one, timeless paint colors should be high on your priority list. Color choices can have a profound effect on how we feel about our surroundings and the people who live in them. It’s important to choose timeless paint colors that will stand the test of time, so you won’t have to redecorate again anytime soon. Here are timeless paint colors you should be using in your remodel:

Duck Egg Blue: Blue changing hues can help make smaller rooms feel larger, while graphite gray adds timeless elegance to any space.

Let Nature In: Let some sunshine into your life! Neutral taupes and creamy whites will work with whatever color friendship you build them with the most, so it’s easy to play off different palettes over time without breaking the bank on new paint. They’re neutral enough that they won’t go out of style quickly either—a timeless choice that works year after year regardless of trends or design fads.

Brown is Beautiful: The timeless color of rich, dark chocolate brown will make your home look cozy and inviting—no matter the decorating style or color palette that you use in your remodel.

Touch of Pink: Soft pink has timeless appeal, but it’s also a hue that works well with almost any other color on the spectrum for an easy update without breaking the bank. What makes it timeless? It’s not too “in” right now so it won’t be considered trendy anymore—and thanks to its popularity in timeless vintage pieces, it’ll always have timeless appeal regardless of what year it is!

Dusky Blue-Gray: Another timeless paint color is dusky blue gray since this color palette leans toward the cooler spectrum of the color wheel. Dusky blue-greens and teals can be cool as well, but those colors might not work as well with an updated warm, grayed-out modern decor.

Terracotta: Terracotta paint is timeless just like terracotta pottery, and it works great with any color scheme because the earthy tone is so warm and rich. It’ll always look timeless just like a beautiful terracotta pot from your grandmother’s garden!

White on White: Make a timeless statement by painting your room white whether it’s cream, ivory or pure white will depend on how bright you want it to be. Go for timeless appeal and timeless easy maintenance: paint all the walls white and add timeless, crisp moldings in a darker wood tone or crisp trim in contrasting colors for timeless appeal.

Creamsicle Dream House: It’s not just the orange popsicle that will always be timeless but the creamy orange-yellow color it’s painted with will always be timeless as well.

Following these timeless paint color advice will save you money and timelessly update your home. If you need help updating your timeless paint colors, check out the Nix Color Sensor. Nix Color Sensor is great for finding paint colors since it has a color algorithm which analyzes millions of data points so they can tell what people are looking for when they search for things like timeless paint colors. For more information, visit their website at