The World of Replacement Lenses

143 million US adults wear prescription eyewear with an average of $173 made on each glasses purchase. However, prescription lenses are prone to damage. From scratches to breaks to wear and tear overtime, prescription lenses need to be replaced, and in the process, can be quite costly. Instead of being forced to purchase a new pair of glasses every 1-3 years, replacement lenses give eye wearers freedom. They can upgrade any frames to the latest glasses technology.

With the world of replacement lenses, eye wearers don’t have to give up their favorite pair of glasses or sacrifice style for cost. Replacement lenses allow people to use modern lenses while holding on to their preferred antique frames. Also, replacement lenses allow people the choice to have multiple pairs or styles to choose from depending on their choice.

Additionally, colored lenses are not just for style as many wearers report benefits. For instance, yellow/orange lenses can enhance contrast in low-light conditions like when driving at night. Brown lenses can reduce eye strain for those with near-sightedness in bright light. Furthermore, some people with dyslexia report fewer problems when wearing tinted lenses. 

Learn more about the benefits and convenience of replacement lenses in the infographic below.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory