The Rising Tide of the Gen Z Workers

The modern workplace is changing, and that is due in no small part to Gen Z. Members of Gen Z work earlier, attend college more often, and hold different values when compared to previous generations. In fact they are so different that 74% of hiring managers say Gen Z is the most challenging generation. 

Why is this? The answer is understandably complex. COVID-19 and the pandemic lead to more layoffs in Gen Z than any other generation. Generally members of Gen Z struggle to build a solid relationship with their employers. This leads to high turnover rates, and a general friction between younger and older generations.

Unfortunately this disconnect fails to benefit anyone. Employers are losing time and money in recruitment, and members of Gen Z are struggling to find stability. It’s important that employers today learn what works and what doesn’t with Gen Z. Clear communication of important factors like expectations, career growth, and salary are essential to maintaining a positive relationship. 
Members of Gen Z, more than previous generations, also appreciate transparency. The more direct the line of communication the more likely a member of Gen Z is to reciprocate. The times of hiding salaries and expecting work that isn’t explicitly stated are over. Gen Z as a generation is looking for employers that respect them and stay in constant clear communication. Times are changing, and Gen Z isn’t going anywhere. Now it’s up to employers to make use of this new generation. Learn more about how to recruit and retain Gen Z from the infographic below, courtesy of Abode HR:

What You Need To Recruit And Retain Gen Z
Source: Abode HR