The Difference Between Managed IT Services and Break/Fix Services

As you’re starting your search for an IT company in Oklahoma City, it helps to know what you’re looking for. Some of the main forms of support can come in either the form of managed IT services and break/fix services.

If you’re not sure what either are, or what sort of IT company you need, we’re going to run you through both of these options right now.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services refer to outsourcing all IT concerns to a third-party managed service provider known as an MSP. They look after everything IT related in a shared capacity. It’s a very holistic relationship between the MSP and the company.

Most of the time, they work off-site and provide remote assistance. They’ll monitor issues but also be there to help on-hand. The relationship will come under a service contract for a monthly fee and get a certain level of service as a result.

What Are Break/Fix Services?

On the other hand, break/fit services mean that someone will help you when issues arise. Providers of this service will send someone out to take a look at the problem, diagnose it, and then look at remedying it. There is no long-term contract here and payment will be based upon each visit or issue fixed.

With this being an ad-hoc service, the IT support is only used as and when it is needed. Most providers charge an hourly fee and may have a consultation fee as well as the charge for parts. Common reasons for this service include upgrades, network repairs and educational services.

How Managed IT Services & Break/Fix Services Differ

If you want to know more about the difference between the two, we’re going to break down some of the key differences here;

  • Core – Essentially, managed IT services focus on keeping a company’s IT systems running while the business focuses on growth and operation, whereas break/fix comes into play when a problem arises.
  • Support – Support is only really available via managed IT services as break/fix is often a one-off or case-by-case service. Helpdesk and preempting issues is only available via a MSP.
  • Cost – Managed IT is a subscription based on a contact whereas break/fix are based on call outs. Often, managed IT services can be cheaper in the long-run.

Which Should You Choose?

When you’re looking for an IT company in Oklahoma City, then you might need to decide what sort of service you want to go for. However, there won’t really be a blanket option for this. You need to take a look at your own needs and see what will fit best.

If you’re really unsure, there are options for you to consider. You can ask your employees to work out what will better suit their needs. You can take a look at what competitors or similar sized businesses use. And also see how each option will help you to accomplish your objectives to make the right decision.