The Color Palette: A Brand’s Visual Story

Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” While we agree with his statement that sheer color alone can tell a thousand stories, we can also use color and its meaning to convey a story. In the realm of business, a brand’s color palette can tell what your brand is about at the first glance. This is important because elements like a logo suite and color palette are the first impressions a brand uses to represent itself. A color study by LUXURYSOCALREALTY stated that the modern shopper considers color more than any other factor when deciding to buy a good or service. To bring this concept into the real world, let’s use the brand Subway as an example of how a color palette can show what they are about besides the name.

Now, the main color palette that Subway uses is: yellow, green, and white. Since Subway is a restaurant and they want their potential customers to come in hungry, the use of yellow is perfect to get the hunger reaction going. Their use of green has two effects they want to display to the customer. The first effect is that since they market themselves as a healthy eating establishment, green conveys that to people who are more concerned with healthy eating and thus more inclined to choose Subway. The second effect green has on this restaurant is a relaxing feeling meaning customers feel like they can go in, order their food, and can sit down in comfort, which does match the decor of their restaurants. Lastly, the use of white doesn’t have its effect, but because it is a “blank slate” color, it emphasizes the effects of the previous two colors creating a more potent effect on the viewer.
As you can see, with just three colors, the viewer can know what the business is about and it shall be a major influence on the buyer journey of the customer. It’s also important to know that the number of colors does not matter. What matter is if the colors can tell the story of the brand – learn more about color psychology in marketing below:

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