Tech Tools You Need in 2021

It’s 2021, and as with the beginning of every New Year, businesses need to assess their IT strategy and their tech tools and decide whether the tools they are using are working for them – or if they need to upgrade. 

Technology is in constant transition, with new software and hardware tools being created every year. This means that every year, there are a range of tech tools that can better a business, and most companies jump onto these and use them as much as possible.

There are so many options when it comes to business tech tools and it’s not just tools, either. There are platforms to be used to help you to grow your business properly, and once you know what you want to achieve, you can start to research whether these tools are a good thing for your business or not. After this, you bring your ideas to your managed IT services company and you can tweak your current IT strategy as needed. 

Let’s not forget that your managed IT services will have your business interests at the forefront of their minds, so it’s often that they could come to you with their ideas for bettering your business – including some of the tech tools they recommend. Let’s take a look at some tech tools that will help you to better your business in 2021.

Task management tools

With better task management comes better efficiency, better cost-effectiveness, and saved time. Tools that can track your tasks digitally are always going to be more efficient than manual ones, and if you want to save time in your business in communicating and tracking your work and the work of your employees, it’s task management tools like Trello that are going to keep your business on top. Collaborative tools like this are essential in a pandemic, and that’s where we are right now!

Email marketing tools

Automating your business tasks is a secret to success for a business. Email marketing helps you to keep in touch with existing customers and potential customers, and it’s not yet a dead way to encourage more people to come to your business and do better with you. 

There are so many tasks that can now be reworked and automated, and you can utilize email marketing systems to do better for your customers. You won’t even have to post on your own: write an email and schedule it this year – let the technology talk for you.

Other scheduling tools

Speaking of scheduling things, have you ever considered that 2021 may be the year to schedule your social media posts? It’s easy to fall behind with these, but this year you don’t have to. Don’t fall into the social media rabbit hole – let your scheduling software do it for you! Get involved with Hootsuite and start scheduling what you have to say.

You can work any one of these tools into your IT strategy with your managed IT services team working with you. Take the time to get to know the tools that will work for your business this year and make them happen.