Small Businesses Are Bouncing Back With Help From Digital Agencies

During the COVID-19 pandemic small businesses experienced a devastating loss of customers and sales. In fact 96% of all small businesses were negatively affected by the pandemic. 59% of these businesses had to lay off a substantial number of their employees, and nearly 30% had to permanently close their doors. To avoid being part of these numbers, some businesses turned to alternate routes.

During 2020 Americans created 2.8 million more online microbusinesses than they did the previous year. Small business owners who were able to switch their stores online were able to continue taking customers and clients even when social distancing measures kept everyone inside. This allowed some owners to avoid  suffering the lower sales patterns that 34% of other small businesses were experiencing.

Today, 67% of small business owners who started microbusinesses are looking to pursue full-time operations. This transition can lead to higher success, which is a great thing for owners, but can be overwhelming as well. To avoid being overwhelmed by increased success and demand, small businesses are utilizing digital agency growth via business systems. These systems help track progress, manage training, and handle other day to day tasks that keep small business owners too preoccupied to focus on their businesses growth. With these systems in place, small business owners can expect for their sales to bounce back post-pandemic.