Mechanic working on a diesel filter

Should I buy a diesel car in 2021?

There’s always a lot of buzz around new emissions laws and tech advances in the automobile world. One of the larger rumors going around is that diesel-powered vehicles might be banned in the coming years since they fail to meet certain emissions requirements. 

This, of course, has many diesel lovers looking for a new ride wondering if buying this type of car is even worth it in 2021. While no one can see the future, there are a few key indicators that can help you decide if a diesel car is right for you. 

The UK Market

After the disastrous VW diesel emissions scandal, the auto industry changed forever. Governments and buyers alike became wary of diesel, looking toward a more technological future of electric cars. Increased taxes were also implemented on these types of cars, pushing them even further out of favor. 

While this affected the world, the new trend was perhaps most easily identifiable in the UK. Buyers immediately became almost afraid of the word diesel, shying away from it as if overnight. It wasn’t long before the U.S. and the rest of Europe followed suit, but does this trend point to an incoming ban?

The Pollution Problem

The real concern behind the ban rumor is pollution. Significant improvements in CO2 emissions with diesel engines have been made over the years, but the older models out there are hefty polluters. So, you can expect to see a ban on older models in various cities as they crack down on carbon emissions. 

As for newer models, there’s not much to worry about. No one is considering an outright ban on diesel-powered cars, especially with so many manufacturers now meeting or exceeding CO2 requirements. So, there won’t be any immediate laws to dissuade you from buying one. 

Phasing Out ICE

ICE stands for Internal Combustion Engine, and various countries are pledging to phase these models out between 2030 and 2040. That’s 9 to 19 years from now, which might impact your buying decision depending on where you live. In the U.S., California is currently the only state looking to do so by 2035. 

Safety standards, however, continue to be a main concern among countries. The case load of car accident attorneys at Black & Depaoli alone are enough to show the need for increased safety features, which is why most manufacturers are turning to driver assistance technology. While these have yet to become NHTSA standards, the organization has been increasing safety regulations as of late.

Manufacturer Sales

The top reason that might stop you from buying a diesel is the lack of availability. While they do get excellent gas mileage on long trips, manufacturers simply aren’t making too many models these days. There’s still plenty on the market, just not the amount there used to be. So, keep the final price tag in mind with supplies dwindling. 

When it comes to buying a new car in 2021, a diesel is still an excellent option if you regularly drive long distances. Ultimately, though, you want something with safety features that won’t leave your loved ones needing an attorney for a wrongful death case. Look at safety first, then consider your mileage and your budget.