Safe office work during the pandemic – antivirus coatings and effective ventilation

Can office work be dangerous? Until recently, none of us would have suspected that office work could involve any major risks, but the current epidemiological situation changes this. The COVID-19 pandemic means that we have to verify most of the rules in offices and company headquarters. In the era of coronavirus, safe work in the office is possible, but it requires additional solutions in the very organisation of work and in the equipment of the office space. The most important of these include keeping an adequate distance between workers and effective disinfection and proper ventilation of rooms.

Safe office work – new principles

The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has prepared a number of guidelines for returning to work in the office. Although it is still recommended to work primarily in the home office mode, today safe office work  is possible. The key issue is to maintain social distance, i.e. the distance between employees (their office workstations). They should not be sitting opposite each other, the adjacent positions should also remain free. It is also worth investing in additional acrylic glass covers at each desk – this way it is possible to protect all those working in one room. In the case of open space offices, positions should be organised in such a way that individual teams work together and, as far as possible, do not contact each other. Maybe it’s better to replace a bench layout with an island layout, for example. Health and safety at work in the era of coronavirus is also regular disinfection: it is not only about disinfecting hands before entering the office, but also disinfecting all common (and not only) surfaces (tops, handles, office equipment, etc.). It is also advisable to ventilate the rooms regularly: crowded and poorly ventilated interiors should be avoided, and in buildings without mechanical ventilation, windows should be opened regularly (at least for 10 minutes for every full hour). New restrictions and recommendations can be cumbersome for employees and disorganise work – fortunately, modern solutions that can be implemented in practically every office allow for comfortable and trouble-free work also in accordance with sanitary regime rules. What’s worth paying attention to? What should we decide on?

Hush booths – safe office work

Modern, office acoustic booths can successfully replace additional rooms; thanks to this it is possible to organise separate, safe workstations in the office. The Hush series are fully equipped acoustic enclosures – depending on the variant chosen, you can use them to create space for a small team (e.g. in hushMeet.L) or an individual office work station (e.g. in hushWork). This type of cabins are a proposal mainly for open space offices, but not only. Due to their compact character (relatively small dimensions) and high mobility they can also be placed in a small office. If the employer wants his employees to feel comfortable at work, additionally secured space is the best solution. Among the other proposals available on the market, the Hush booths stand out thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies – they are fully safe and adapted to work in case of additional sanitary restrictions. What is Mikomax booth innovation?

Antivirus coating – security and reliability

Recent studies indicate that the airborne coronavirus cannot only spread between people in one room, but also persist for some time on surfaces and contaminated objects. For this reason, it is necessary to regularly disinfect not only the hands but also the office spaces, which may involve some additional complications. Disinfectants may irritate the respiratory tract of workers and destroy or cause tarnishing of certain materials, and ozoning negatively affects electronic devices. The alternative is a special antivirus coating; it consists of a thin layer of titanium oxide (IV). Under the influence of light, bacteria, viruses and organic pollutants are oxidised on the coating. The use of photocatalytic properties allows to create an odourless, invisible and durable coating which, under the influence of light, disinfects surfaces up to 36 months spontaneously. Titanium dioxide is a safe substance used, among other things, in creams with UV filters. Modern meeting and office work booths – hushMeet.L are equipped with an antiviral coating, so they do not have to be sanitised with liquids or by ozoning.

Effective ventilation – a way to fight the coronavirus

According to the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, office spaces should be regularly ventilated; in the case of small booths, in most cases it is difficult to maintain proper ventilation. However, Hush booths have been designed in such a way as to ensure not only comfort during use, but also proper airflow. This enables the air circulation recommendations to be fulfilled without problems. At the same time, the acoustic cabins protect against external sounds – the hushMeet.L can be used as office meeting space in safe, comfortable conditions. 

 If you’re looking for a solution that will allow you to organize secure office work – opt for Mikomax booths that will effectively divide your office space. Modular acoustic booths allow for free arrangement of the office while maintaining safety rules. Check this on: