Pros and Cons of Reopening Your Physical Business Location

Now that COVID-19 is becoming more under control, businesses are allowed to switch back to their physical business location rather than operating remotely. But some businesses are wondering whether or not this is going to be worth it. We are going to be looking at the pros and cons of both in this article, so if you’re undecided right now, keep reading to get some more information.


The first thing that you are going to need to think about is cost. When you open up your physical business again, you’re going to have to spend a lot more money than you do currently. Paying for rent of the office building, insuring the premises and buying more equipment for the office. These are all important things and they are just the tip of the iceberg, so as you can see, it’s going to be expensive. As such, it might be best to just leave your company as a remote business, especially if you’re thriving.

If you don’t need a physical business location for trading purposes, there’s no reason to open one back up.


You’re also going to need to think about productivity. When you had your physical business location, were your employees more productive there or remotely? Older studies suggest that most people are not productive in an office environment because everyone is in the same boat. Not only this, but the office space inspires productivity whereas the home environment encourages relaxation. However, more recent studies suggest differently. 

On the other hand, your employees have now gotten used to working at home, meaning they have gotten into a routine. If you change this now, it could throw them off, meaning you see limited productivity in your business office for a while after reopening.

Employee Morale

Another thing that you need to consider is employee morale. Morale is hard to achieve when nobody is in the same physical space. Sure, your employees can be happy and working hard, but that doesn’t mean there is any morale. Businesses thrive on morale, and opening up your physical location could be the key that it needs to bring yours to the surface. 

A business without morale is a business that doesn’t care and has employees that would  rather work elsewhere.

Ease Of IT

You should also consider the ease of IT when everyone is in the same space. You can outsource the issue to an IT company, who will be able to manage your entire business network. If you’ve got people scattered around, of course it’s possible, but it’s not easy. Hiring someone to handle the IT side of things I’d always going to be a good idea, but you’ve got to think about whether it’s best to have them controlling one physical location, or trying to work out multiple. 

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the pros and cons of reopening your physical business location. We wish you the best of luck no matter which path you choose to go down.