Picking a Strategic Storage Location in Utah

Self-storage options have become increasingly popular in recent years. People use them for all kinds of things, from storing their boats over winter to freeing up their attic spaces. 

Picking a strategic storage location is essential. Ideally, you want a storage unit close to your home (or that is accessible if you are moving). You don’t want to have to travel for miles every time you need something. 

Pick Storage Close To Your Moving destination

As part of the western US, Utah is quite some distance from the major population centers on the East and West Coasts. 

From the eastern cities of New York, Boston and Philadelphia, you have a several-thousand-mile journey across the central American plain. And from the West Coast, you have the challenging barrier of the Rockies to contend with. 

In light of this, it doesn’t make sense to keep your storage out of state. Accessing it would be virtually impossible. 

Thus, if you’re moving to Utah, you’ll want to pick a storage location close by. This way, once you arrive, you can easily access the things you need, without having to drive back across the country.

Use storage for Toys to Take to the West Desert or Lakes by Park City 

People choose Utah as a strategic storage location for another reason: to store all their recreational toys. The state is famous all over the world for its recreational activities. Thus, storage allows you to keep boats, ATVs and dirt bikes in the area year-round, doing away with the hassle of transporting them by road or air. 

Despite being a desert state, Utah has some excellent boating opportunities. Park City, for instance, is a water-lover’s paradise, offering water skiing, rafting, sailing and paddle boarding. Other options include Box Elder, Sand Hollow State Park and the ever-famous Bear Lake. 

ATV, dirt-bike and off-road enthusiasts are also spoiled for choice. Dirt riding options include American Fork Canyon, Casto Canyon, Five Mile Pass, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and many others. 

Great storage locations in Utah include Ogden, Salt Lake City, Logan, Beaver and sites close to the Fishlake and Dixie National Forests. 

Pick Storage Close to Where You Live

If you’re not moving and aren’t regularly travelling to Utah for recreation, the best policy is to pick a storage location close to where you live.

Again, the reasons for this are similar to what we’ve discussed so far: being close to your unit allows you to drop off and pick up items easily. 

Ideally, you want the storage to be within around two miles of your home. It also helps if you can get there while avoiding any busy roads. A unit that is on the same side of town as you is better than one in the opposite direction. 

Ultimately, when choosing storage, you want it to offer both value and convenience. Choose options that are close-by or in areas that you travel to regularly. These tend to offer the highest return and biggest improvements in your quality of life.